A small piece of time (Poetry)

Yes I do get poetic once in a while. Here are some words 🙂 – A small piece of time


A small piece of time - Ashish SehgalA small piece of time,
when u were away,
it was a little day of distance,
a few weeks ago..
and today,
when I look back,
a small piece of time
has blown itself
into a fully grown year
even a few weeks  taller.

A little piece of time
comes like that huge wave
I hug and hold tight
my little sand house
on the wet beach
in hope that maybe
something is saved
but, like it always happens,
a patch of cloudy darkness
faces me, undeterred,
opening its large mouth
and ready to gulp the past

A small piece of time,
changing shapes and sizes,
priorities chasing each other,
morphing into assorted emotions.
The ever growing uncertainty
takes a smooth blanket of silence
tight lipped about tomorrow
slipping its know-all head
under the heavy covers
prefers to sleep peacefully.

~ Ashish Sehgal

About Ashish Sehgal

Professional Life Coach Ashish Sehgal helps his clients to achieve personal and professional goals, overcome life problems, relationship problems, fears, anxiety, depression and addiction by transforming self-limiting beliefs. His life coaching techniques help them discover new meaning in life as they grow more conscious of their true potential.


  1. Superb, Ashish. Extraordinary! Seems like something you wrote all at once. Carry on, poet!

  2. Wow!It flows so well. Will be looking out for more.Its really lovely!

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