Social Phobias

Managing Social Phobias, using NLP

Social Phobia is one of the most common kinds of fears. It is a kind of Anxiety Disorder and also includes increased self-consciousness in social situations.

Multiple examples of behaviours demonstrate a Social Phobia. Simple situations like not speaking or interacting in social groups, or not been able to eat in front of others, or even inability to express freely may actually be limiting your life due to the fear of social situations. The fear of being judged by others is also a kind of social phobia

Social Phobias are Curable with NLP

Technically, it is also termed as Anthrophobia – the fear of people. It effects the inter personal relations and is a pathological fear or people. It is manageable and curable using NLP.

Some of the classic symptoms of Social Phobia ( or Social Anxiety Disorder) are

  • High anxiety while being with other people, having a tough time talking to others
  • Being highly self-conscious or embarrassed while being in groups
  • Afraid of being judged by others
  • Nervousness while meeting people
  • Start worrying about any social event weeks before it is scheduled
  • Preferring to stay away from social situations
  • Finding it difficult to make friendsIt
  • In some cases, blush, tremble, sweat or even feeling sick in social situations

Are you at a Social Phobic?

Studies show that 1 in almost 20 people suffer from a social phobia. Both men and women tend to be equally affected by it. So, if you feel any of the above symptoms, you are not alone.

Diagnosis of SAD (Social Anxiety Disorder)

Social phobia symptoms can usually be seen during teenage, or early youth. It can occurs right from an early age, or after some incident / event in life that impacts you. This may laso have roots in other medical conditions you may have.

Treatments for Social Phobia in NLP based Psychotherapy. 

In most cases, Social Phobia is completely manageable and treatable using NLP.

NLP has proved to be one of the most effective tools to work with social anxiety and you can witness the change within yourself within a few sessions.

Measurable Results

With Ashish Sehgal’s Measurable Results NLP methodology, you will see the change within yourself within the first few sessions, depending on the severity of the problem. Each session is geared towards a quantifiable well-defined outcome and becomes a step in your path to freedom from any kind of social anxiety of social phobias.

NLP Change-work Sessions can be attended in three ways:
  • Visiting our office / NLP therapy centre at Gurgaon. with prior appointment.
  • Sessions on Skype (Video) or Phone
  • Home ( or your preferred premises ) visits can also be done in some circumstances.

Getting to know each other

The first session, which is also called our ‘ Get to know each other’ session. This session can be attended with prior appointment at our office or at phone. On completion of this session, you shall be advised an outcome based road-map towards your goals.

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