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I have a Mission, and so do you!

I find a great deal of inner satisfaction when I help my clients bring progressive change in their lives, towards their desired goals – Ashish Sehgal

Ashish Sehgal - Life Coach and Mentor

Cultivating A Purposeful Life

My mission is to cultivate the right attitude in your life that will help you streamline, cope better with challenges a coach you to live a happy & fulfilling life.

You know you have a valuable life.  There may be times when you feel that you require hand-holding, help to understand and solve the maze you feel trapped into.

This is where you get in touch with me and allow me to coach you towards finding the most practical, workable solutions.


Everything I do starts with awareness and build up into what you desire for yourself. I follow a multitude of models and modalities, including Time Line Models, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Coaching and many more highly helpful methodologies that I have mastered in my long and wonderful journey.

My total work experience is more than 30 years now, and being an open-minded learner, have mastered my learning by turning them into models and applying successfully in hundreds of situations.

Where are you, now?
And where do you want to be?

I coach & guide you to a path that leads to where you want to be. Since many years, I have coached individuals, organisations and open groups bringing extraordinary results that have amazed everyone including myself. With more than three decades of real business & life experience, being SNLP (UK) Licensed NLP Coach for Business & Life and a Master Practitioner of NLP, I bring all my skill, experience and mastery to the service of those who seek my help.

I help willing clients in almost any area in life they wish to improve in! My methodologies are simple, conversational and to the point. I use Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP) for coaching and Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) for therapeutic solutions, along with other systems as per requirement of each individual case.

NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is undoubtedly the best system that helps you program you down mind, just the way you want it to be. We strongly believe that circumstances and responses of each person are different from the rest, and therefore the therapy and solutions will surely very different from others.

The focus of our NLP based coaching in on outcomes that you define for yourself, and the therapy / coaching processes will in accordance to the beliefs you wish to hold for your own purposes. 

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Ashish Sehgal

Ashish Sehgal has been working with people facing various personal, professional and social challenges since more than two decades. He has a vast experience and has worked with thousands of individuals, couples and families to help them with the problems they have faces in the lives, related to relationships.

He is Certified & Licenced as ‘Master Coach of NLP‘ & Licenced Trainer of NLP‘ by the Original Society of NLP; and also Accredited by American Board of Hypnotherapy & NLP as a Master Practitioner and NLP Trainer

He has been widely published in many major publications like ‘The Hindustan Times‘ ,  Asian Age, The Deccan Chronicle & The Economic Times. He has been an expert answering relationship questions in the ‘E-Times (The Times on India Online).

His practical methods have brought solutions with peace, joy and happiness in many lives. It is time for you to consult him and get customized coaching.

Ares of Specializations

Here are a few areas below, among many, that our coaching & mentoring services may address, with you.

  • Personal Issues, Fears & Phobias
  • Personal Growth & Development
  • Love, Relationship & Intimacy Related Issues
  • Marital and Family Therapy
  • Conflict Management & Decision Making Issues.
  • Depression Symptoms, Stress Management and Balance
  • Entrepreneurial and Business Development
  • Time Management
  • Stress Management
  • Career Planning and Development
  • Motivation & Confidence Issues
  • Mid life Management, Life Change Issues
  • And much more……

Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching sessions with Ashish Sehgal are suitable when you need a one-to-one interaction in order to work towards a desired outcome for yourself.

These sessions help you explore your desired state of mind, and find ways to reach that state. I help you to uncover your true potential, within yourself and from the resources available with you.

 I prefer to use a method which offers a lot of flexibility, in order to develop your abilities for your outcomes.

Executive Coaching

Corporate / Executive Coaching sessions with Ashish Sehgal are available for both leaders and teams. I help companies to help its people reach to their true potential with my customized training programs and corporate coaching sessions.

Be it the one-to-one leadership coaching, or team coaching for issues like change management, team bonding, sales boost or ownership building, I help you with customized programs build only for your company.

Start Up Consultancy

With over three decades of professional experience, and having worked many startups as a consultant for both technology, marketing & team building. Ashish Sehgal  offers  Start-Up Business Consulting & Coaching to technology businesses that are in the first and second stage of building a great product or service.

His services include hand-holding in matters of technology, marketing & team building. If you are a start-up and would require the guidance, consulting and coaching and want to benefit from my var experience, please contact me and we can discuss a plan.

How do our coaching sessions work?

Start Your Journey
In order to start your journey with Ashish Sehgal, you can send a message to establish a contact via whastapp, a call or the contact form. It would be better if you include a brief about the topic you would want to consult about. 

Getting to know you session. (Free)
Then a phone / online video session can be scheduled to discuss the goals, the challenges and the road map. This discussion is optional, absolutely free of charges and is subject to availability. The duration of this discussion can be up to 30 minutes. 

Starting the Sessions
At this stage we start the pre-scheduled sessions. Each session is 60 minutes long. These sessions are pre-paid as per the plan chosen by the client. Various fee plans are available in the fee section

The sessions can be taken Online or Offline as per your convenience. Online sessions are available all over the world within 10 AM IST to 5PM IST. Offline sessions are available at out New Delhi & Gurgaon offices.  

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