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How to Book a Session?

Call or Message & Book a Session!

Please call or send a WhatsApp Message at +981-9810188629 that includes your Full Name, Brief subject you wish to consult for, age and city. Also state if you would prefer an in-person session or an online session.

Consultation Fee

Consultation (upto 60 Minutes): Rs 4000/- only.

Intervention Session (upto 90 Minutes): Rs 6000/- only.

Deep Intervention Session ( upto 120 Minutes): Rs 10,000/- only.

In-person 60 min Session

In person meetings & sessions now open ce at Gurgaon.

Hourly Session: 60 minutes, suitable for:

  • Life Coaching Sessions
  • Counselling Sessions
  • Mentoring Sessions
  • Therapy Sessions
  • Follow Up sessions
  • Discussion sessions.

Online 60 min Session

Hourly Session: 60 minutes, suitable for –

Hourly Session: 60 minutes, suitable for:

  • Life Coaching Sessions
  • Counselling Sessions
  • Mentoring Sessions
  • Therapy Sessions
  • Follow Up sessions
  • Discussion sessions.

These coaching sessions are conducted online via Zoom or WhatsApp video / audio or a simple phone call.

Deeper Intervention Sessions

In person meetings & sessions now open at Gurgaon.

Intensive sessions: upto 120 minute sessions, suitable for

  • Intensive Deep Therapy (NLP)
  • Neuro-Hypnotic Healing,
  • Neuro-Hypnotic Re-patterning
  • Hypnosis & Trance Therapy
  • SFBT (Solution Focused Brief Therapy)


Life coaching / mentoring is a highly recommended choice that for most people because it is a consistent, integrated and immersive approach towards your goal.

Each monthly package can include up to 4 hourly sessions depending on requirements.


  • Goal Oriented Coaching and / or mentoring
  • Up-to 4 hourly sessions each month

Speaking Assignments

Ashish Sehgal is a noted professional speaker and has graced hundreds of events with his powerful speeches that are both motivational and transformational in nature. His speaking sessions with corporate teams have earned him a special place in regular events of many esteemed organisations, colleges and schools. 

You can also contact us for requesting ‘Talks with Ashish Sehgal‘ also for participating panel discussions, webinars and expert discussions on topics related to mind management, relationships, life issues, coaching, psychology and many more related topics. 

  • Keynote Speaking
  • Change Management Sessions
  • Pre-Merger & Post-Merger Integration of Teams
  • Team Integration Sessions
  • Inner Harmony / Stress Management
  • Motivational Speaking
  • Happiness Sessions
  • Stress Management & Relaxation
  • Sales Motivation Talks
  • Goal Setting with Teams
  • Dealer & Vendor Meets 
  • NLP & Your Life

Ashish Sehgal

Ashish Sehgal has been working with people facing various personal, professional and social challenges since more than two decades. He has a vast experience and has worked with thousands of individuals, couples and families to help them with the problems they have faces in the lives, related to relationships.

He is Certified & Licenced as ‘Master Coach of NLP‘ & Licenced Trainer of NLP‘ by the Original Society of NLP; and also Accredited by American Board of Hypnotherapy & NLP as a Master Practitioner and NLP Trainer

He has been widely published in many major publications like ‘The Hindustan Times‘ ,  Asian Age, The Deccan Chronicle & The Economic Times. He has been an expert answering relationship questions in the ‘E-Times (The Times on India Online).

His practical methods have brought solutions with peace, joy and happiness in many lives. It is time for you to consult him and get customized coaching.