Achieve a Goal in 100 Days

Your Goals | Your Results

What is the biggest change you want to bring in your life, this year?

There is something you want in your life to change now. It has been a long time and you really want it.  This program is the smartest coaching program that  enables you to get what you want, in a tailored 100 days pro-coaching program

No matter at what stage you are in life, being a part of this amazing life goals coaching program will ensure that you tune own self in a way that you successfully get the changes you want in yourself. You change your age-old habits, form new neural pathways in your mind and be a winner. The purpose of this program is to help you truly become what you really want to be.

It is about your own personal goals in life, and how to achieve them. 

Achievers and winners in various fields have a lot in common and this carefully developed program helps you inculcate in you those selected habits, attributes and thinking patterns that let you move on the path of your personal success.

A few goals people have already achieved in this program

  • Move out of a Stuck Situation
  • Make a major Career Move
  • Have a Better Relationship
  • Lose Weight
  • Write a Book
  • Master a new skill
  • Start a new business
    • …. many more…

Your personal mastery is achieved when your mind, your body and your emotions are complexly aligned and full of progressive energy. This is done by carefully examining your current environment, habits, beliefs & behaviours and finding out what is working for your and what is not. Then I develop a custom-made program for your which in tune with the outcomes you have defined for yourself.

Please remember that this program is only for people who are completely dedicated to their personal growth and mastery. If you really want to be your true self, this is the place to be. If you have what it takes be coached for personal mastery, you are welcome to this program.

As you are completely committed to your personal excellence, you are ready for this once in a lifetime experience.  Are your ready to be coached for your success?
Commit only 60 minutes each day for 100 days + weekly personal 1:1 sessions with your coach; and watch your life transform.

How does the Personal Mastery program work?

In order to help you with a 360 degrees approach, I have built a systematic approach that includes multiple experiences, personal excellence coaching, and participation in live trainings.

  • Accurately Mapping the Goal & Milestones
  • Personal Life & Success Coaching sessions with Ashish Sehgal.
  • Daily tasks for 100 Days (a max of 60 minutes a day)
  • Weekly Recalibration Sessions of your Personal Success Program
  • Monthly Progress Recalibration

I am excited, and I want to explore more about this!

Request an appointment with me and let us discuss your goals.
Based on them, we draw a timeline and roadmap.
After that, you can start your Personal Mastery Program.

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