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Why would you want Life Coaching with Ashish Sehgal?
Because your dreams are worth fulfilling...
and your problems deserve desired solutions...
YES! Life Coaching exists because your dreams are worth fulfilling. Coaching has the power to change your life forever by massive changes in the way you live your life.
Do you find yourself saying - I wish things were different, but I am settling from what I have? Are you stuck in the ‘acceptance’ pit. LIFE COACHING takes you to the next level. It makes things happen.

LIFELife isn't always easy. Once in a while, life can be full of surprises, twist and maybe some problems and challenges. And when this happens, we seek help. A little handholding can just help you resolve inner conflicts and move in the direction of you choice.

It may be possible that your relationships may not be balanced today, or your career is looking for a boost or change. Maybe you see everyone doing what they love doing, and you are still testing yourself before the leap.
Maybe your emotions & state of mind are playing hide and seek with you. Or your health is showing problem symptoms, which can be erupting from mind related issues.

You are destined to the life you really want, and maybe you just want that extra focus right now.

Your life, and what you want, is unique to you, and I am here to help you with it. I am Ashish, your coach, and I am here to listen to you and find ways to what you want.

Take a step? Let’s do it!
Schedule and Appointment and see how you can streamline the twists of life and be what you want.

Blogposts & Articles...

Confusion to Clarity in a Chaotic World

Confusion to Clarity in a Chaotic World

It may seem like a confusing world to live in. A world full of varying opinions, contradicting beliefs and ever-changing value systems. Life sometimes begins to look hazy and unclear. Different questions keep appearing on the horizon of life. Questions about ‘What is going on ‘inside or around me?’, or...
Three things that changed my life!

Three things that changed my life!

Ashish Sehgal talks about the three things that have helped him evolve and transform his life. He is a leading NLP Trainer and a Life Coaching, practicing , Delhi, Gurgaon & Goa – India. He talks about how presence, utilisation of beliefs and letting go has helped him in his...
Changing the direction of your self talk

Changing the direction of your self talk

Self talk. Good, bad ugly? Enough! Self talk! We all have indulged into it. We have used it to spin ideas, clear confusions make decisions in our life. It is an important mind tool that is embedded in all of us humans. In fact, it is one of our most...
Solution Focused Conversations

Solution Focused Conversations

What are Solution Focused Conversations? Solution focused conversations are a collaborative way to discuss any problem, difficulty or challenges in life. It focuses on bringing solutions from conversations in a forward-looking way. The direct goal is not to ‘understand’ the problem, by doing a problem talk, but to creatively talk...
How a Life Coach helps fulfill your dreams

How a Life Coach helps fulfill your dreams

Did you know that life coaching has the potential to make several positive changes to your current life? What is Life coaching? As the name suggests, life coaching, in principle, helps you lead a better life. It irons out the various inconsistencies in your career and personal life by helping...
The Five Star formula of everlasting joy & happiness

The Five Star formula of everlasting joy & happiness

The ***** Five Star formula of everlasting joy & happiness I often talk about my five-star formula of joy and happiness to my clients for internal happiness that has worked with almost everyone I know stays in a joyous zone. This is the magic potion that could feel bitter at...
The secret of ‘Happily Ever After’!

The secret of ‘Happily Ever After’!

The secret of ‘Happily Ever After’! Including a preview to the 5 Star Formula of everlasting happiness & joy.  Happily Ever After – Seriously?  Most fairy tales would end with the cliche ‘and they lived happily ever after’. And none of the narraters of these tales ever told us what...

Because, your dreams are worthy of being fulfilled!

What would you do, if you knew, you cannot fail!

You have dreams, and you want to fulfil them. You have aspirations and desires. And when you pay attention, you have resources within yourself, and all around you that can help you fulfil your dreams.
NLP & Life Coaching can help you bring all your available resources together, and work towards fulfilment of your dreams, aspirations and desires.

Talk to me about what you want and see how I can help you today.

Challenges, Difficulties or Problems

Are you facing some challenges, difficulties or problems in you personal or professional life?

Sometimes, these challenges, difficulties and problems become so large that the may have long term, serious impact on your life. NLP coaching can help you with a wide range of issues, and help you become resourceful in each such situation.

NLP helps you get over these challenges, difficulties and problems. and get you in a useful, resourceful state of mind that enables you to get the life you want. It is a good idea to write to us about what you want and the problems you want to get over with.

Schedule an Appointment and see how life takes a positive, desired turn towards the direction you want to go in.

Is Life Coaching for you?

Let us explore… There are chances that you make goals and move in the direction. You may also have discovered that purpose of your life. And yet, it sometimes seems to fizzle out. Maybe you are yet to find the purpose and choose a path. You have experienced life and also gained knowledge from various sources.
This is simply not enough to live an enriched life and experience true abundance. You may want something more, on personal, professional or social front. Maybe you haven't set you goal high enough.

Life Coaching with Ashish Sehgal is a series of experiences that he takes you through, and you discover the purpose and the path. You find out resources that help you move ahead in the direction of your choice.

If you want that knowledgeable, experienced and enriching handholding that can hep you reach where you want to be, life coaching is perfect for you.

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