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You want a relationship that is truly fulfilling. You want to enjoy and be happy in a life with love, romance and intimacy. You want to care, and be cared for.  You sometimes want to be help, hugged, loved and shown that you are special.

Sometimes, it does not happen. Sometimes you may get into relationships for different reasons, that were not aligned towards what you really wanted. Sometimes individuals evolve in different directions. This leads to problems between the couple. Problems happen when one partner wants to achieve something different that the other. This leads to conflict, separation, isolation and emotional turmoil.

What is the solution?

Relationship Coaching is a professional, client focused service for individuals and couples, working on goals related to love, romance, intimacy or relationships. During these sessions, the individual or couple is provided effective support, information and guidance to be able to use available resources to reach the relationship goals.


The questions that you may ponder upon are:

  • Am I living the loving and romantic life I want?
  • Am I in a mutually satisfying relationship ?
  • Am I present to my partner in a loving way?
  • Do I trust, do I invite trust?
  • Do I have a tough time being honest to my partner about my feelings?
  • Do I keep falling in and out of love, with my partner or otherwise?
  • Do I share my goals with my partner?
  • Do I share a mutual well-defined vision with my partner?

If some of the above questions leave you thinking, or have ‘no’ as an answer, it is time when relationship coaching could help you as an individual or a couple.

I, as your relationship coach,  truly believe that you have resources within you to bring out the best in your love life. I can possibly help you create a loving, lasting and fulfilling relationship.

These sessions can be undertaken at our office at Gurgaon. A peaceful quiet environment is required during the session. In some cases, you may also attend the sessions over Skype or Phone.

Before you SignUp, we suggest you to take a session with your NLP coach Ashish Sehgal. In order to know more and request a free session, please fill the form on the side of this page, or click here.


What does the relationship coaching include?

  • Setting realistic and achievable goals together
  • A comprehensive clearing of all the major negative emotions attached to your relationship
  • Removing negative associations you may have built up over time to your partner or prospective partners
  • Clearing out any restricting beliefs that stop you from having the relationship you want
  • Finding out what is important to you both in your relationship, working with each other to resolve any conflicts and realigning anything so you both fully support each other in getting what you want
  • Learning how to give each other feedback and removing the communication barriers to supporting each other
  • Understanding each others personality fully so you can revel in each other strengths
  • Learning each other’s ways of being attracted and how to allow the other person to feel totally in love with you.

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NLP is the approach that works and gives you measurable results. 

 (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is undoubtedly the best system that helps you program you down mind, just the way you want it to be. We strongly believe that circumstances and responses of each person are different from the rest, and therefore the therapy and solutions will surely very different from others.

The focus of our NLP based coaching in on outcomes that you define for yourself, and the therapy / coaching processes will in accordance to the beliefs you wish to hold for your own purposes.

What makes Individual NLP Coaching  Sessions with Ashish Sehgal so effective?

The most important question for us is – What do you want?
During your initial meeting with Ashish Sehgal, you will be helped and guided to define your own goals and outcomes. Based on those defined outcomes, we shall suggest a plan / set of sessions.

Most sessions usually last between 45 to 90 minutes. Longer sessions may sometimes be required as per the therapy provided. For each set of sessions, you will see positive changes within yourself, moving towards your goal.

Getting to know each other

The first session, which is also called our ‘ Get to know each other’ session. This session can be attended with prior appointment at our office or at phone. On completion of this session, you shall be advised a outcome based road-map towards your goals.

You can either fill the Appointment Request Form on the side of this page or Call Us to request a session and get started on your new journey to happiness, success and more…

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