Life can sometimes throw challenges at you. It may make you feel down and under. It is time to resolve these and discover a path ahead towards your goals & purpose.


Ashish Sehgal offers you personal consultations, coaching and development eResolve sessions to help you be more resourceful and successful in your life.


Single Hourly Session – Rs 3000/- only.
Monthly package for 6 Sessions – Rs 15000/- only.

A little introduction to what Ashish Sehgal does!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the methods you use to help client?

eResolve Sessions is based in coaching principles guided by NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming, EI (Emotional Intelligence) & SFBT (Solution Focussed Brief Therapy). These methods have proved to be highly effective and faster than the traditional counselling.

Occasionally, CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) & Psychotherapy are also used. 

How are eResolve Sessions conducted?

eResolve Sessions are conducted online and we use a variety of platforms, as per clients ease of use. You can choose to have phone sessions, WhatsApp Audio / Video, Skype Sessions, Google Hangouts or Zoom sessions.

WhatsApp Chat support is also available in special cases.

How much time does it take?

Each eResolve Sessions is 60 minutes long.

The number of sessions required usually depends on two multiple factors like clients intent, flexibility and depth of challenges experienced. 


The frequency of session is usually once or twice a week, depending on the clients requirements. This can also be increased if required. 

Do you suggest anything to be done after sessions?

Sometimes, we may give optional tasks between sessions to speed up the resolution of your challenges.  This is done only with prior discussion with the client.  
We never suggest any medication or diets. Those must be managed, if required, by your doctors. 


eResolve Single Session Online Booking

All eResolve sessions are now conducted online via phone or video calls.

Choose a requested date & time, fill your details and book your session. The fee for an online session Rs 3000.00 only. All appointments are subject to approval by our team. Please message the booking & payment details using WhatsApp to +91-9810188629 after booking the session for quick confirmation.

eResolve Monthly Package Online Booking

Six (6) Sessions pack in a month | Fee: Rs 15,000.00 only

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Terms of Service

All Sessions are for 60 Minutes Maximum | All Fee is non-refundable.

So, what would you like to resolve today?

Stress & Anxiety

Mind & Body

Stress, Anxiety, Sadness, Fears, Phobias, Worries, Tension, Loneliness, Addictions, Trauma, PTSD, Procrastination, Childhood Issues, Bad Memories, Letting Go, Sleep Issues, Undiagnosed Pains, Tiredness & more...

Relationship Issues


Fulfilment Issues, BreakUps, Marital Issues, Pre-marital Counselling, Parent-Child issues, Past Relationships, Divorce & Separation, Rejections, Cheating, Multiple Relationships, Intimacy Issues & more...

Life Goals

Achieving Goals, Charting a purposeful life, Milestone Planning, Habit change, Business Planning, Freedom, Work Challenges, Partnership Issues, Job Issues, Confidence Building, Motivation, Persuasion, Negotiations & more...