Nurturing Inner Harmony

Nurturing Inner Harmony


Stress-free Living

Sometimes, for the sake of earning a living, we forget living.

In today’s crazy-busy world, it’s very easy to get caught up in a work style that makes us act before we think, reacting to devices and others all day. It’s a pattern that leads to doing more than we can do well, mistakes, stress, burnout, and reduced productivity.

Is that happening to you? Are you able to manage equality between your work and private life? Are you missing out on quality time with people who really matter to you because of pressures of work?

Do you feel tired, lose temper or feel depressed due to an imbalance?

It is time for you to wake up, before you lose it. It time to think seriously and take some concrete steps that let the life be balanced in every aspect.

Benefits of a Stress-Free & Calm Life

A well-balanced life is about fulfilment in many ways. It is about a healthier and holistic happiness. You have greater productivity and your relationships become stronger.

The four pillars of your balanced life are home (family). health, work and society. A balanced life is one where you spread your energy and effort in all key areas – emotional, intellectual, creative, spiritual and physical.

Ashish Sehgal

The talk would be led by Ashish Sehgal, a certified NLP life coach with more than two decades of experience helping people to live better lives. To know more about Ashish Sehgal, please click here.


Let us all meet this evening and look at proven methods that are easy to adopt in our current lifestyle. A relaxed event with tea, friends and an insight about how to step in a zone that automatically creates work-life balance in our modern lives.


How is this Unique?

Come and explore NLP with Ashish Sehgal, and see how it has helped thousands bring positive and meaningful change in their lives.

An NLP Training event that is equally interesting for people new to NLP, Enthusiasts, and Experts. You shall also have an introduction to NLP & Conversational Hypnotic Interventions during this program.

Experiencing NLP with Ashish Sehgal.

Ashish Sehgal, NLP Master Practitioner, Trainer & licenced NLP Coach, with his more than 30 years of rich experience, will share with you how you too can benefit from NLP – the right way.

You can choose to attend this seminar absolutely free of cost, thanks to your unknown friend, who gifted you this opportunity.

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