OCD Therapy

OCD Therapy

OCD can be a huge hindrance in your daily lives. It involved patterns of thoughts that signal you to do things obsessively. This can turn chronic and severely impact your life.

It is difficult to control this pattern with conscious and cognitive processes. If you really want to win over and get ahead from OCD, you should be prepared to take it seriously and get a treatment that diagnoses both deeper triggers & associated triggers; and helps you reprogram the impact of the trigger.

OCD treatment with NLP

NLP offers a powerful system to diagnose and well as re-program thought patterns. It starts with finding the triggers, and change them in a way that makes your life easier. Each trigger is examined carefully by looking into the time and phase the OCD symptoms started, co-relating it to the present. Then the thought patterns related to the trigger are changed in a way that you are no longer troubled by OCD.

The purpose of NLP therapy for OCD is to encourage and tune your unconscious thought processes to break the vicious cycle you are currently caught into. Simply put, NLP help you an enhanced grip over you automated mind, and lets you steer your thoughts quickly, in the direction you want.

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I want you to have the life you want, it is my commitment to you. I know how important your OCD free life is to you.

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    NLP is the approach that works and gives you measurable results. 

     (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is undoubtedly the best system that helps you program you down mind, just the way you want it to be. We strongly believe that circumstances and responses of each person are different from the rest, and therefore the therapy and solutions will surely very different from others.

    The focus of our NLP based coaching in on outcomes that you define for yourself, and the therapy / coaching processes will in accordance to the beliefs you wish to hold for your own purposes.

    What makes Individual NLP Coaching  Sessions with Ashish Sehgal so effective?

    The most important question for us is – What do you want?
    During your initial meeting with Ashish Sehgal, you will be helped and guided to define your own goals and outcomes. Based on those defined outcomes, we shall suggest a plan / set of sessions.

    Most sessions usually last between 45 to 90 minutes. Longer sessions may sometimes be required as per the therapy provided. For each set of sessions, you will see positive changes within yourself, moving towards your goal.

    Getting to know each other

    The first session, which is also called our ‘ Get to know each other’ session can be attended with prior appointment at our office or at phone. On completion of this session, you shall be advised an outcome based road-map towards your goals.

    You can either fill the Appointment Request Form on the side of this page or Call us to request a  ‘Get to know each other’ session and get started on your new journey to happiness, success and more…

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