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Are you suffering from unexplainable pains? 

Pain is a message from the mind!
Pain is a complex experience. Pain is a message from the brain, about an injury or warning of an injury. Pain is not possible without the brain. A strong component of pain tells us how our mind perceives it and reflects, and contains the clues to cure the pain.

Pain in an individual experience. Only the one who goes through it can tell you where and how it hurts. Medically, pain is an unpleasant sensation of hurt that leads to discomfort, distress and agony. It may be constant ( or steady), throbbing, pinching or stabbing.

Statically speaking, every one of two people suffer from some kind of pain. When one suffer and before the pain becomes unbearable, one must seek help.

Psychosomatic pains

It is common that many people feel the pain that medical doctors are not able to take case of. Pain killers only stop the sensations but do not work on the deeper issues behind the pain. When the causes remain undiagnosed, the cure is often just a hot and trial method. This is the plight of the current medical science and they bundle all these pains under psychosomatic pains.

What is the psychotherapeutic solutions of undiagnosed pains (psychosomatic pains)?

Permanent Pain Cure is Possible
I strongly believe that such undiagnosed pains, could be caused due to an injury or hurt that only the deeper mind knows. Your deeper conscious can have clues that can dramatically cure you of your pains. ~ Ashish Sehgal

If pills & medicines, yoga & exercises, physiotherapy & other therapies have failed to cure your pain, you know they were only working on the symptoms. Your mind knows more about your pain and also has the clues to the cure.

I would strongly recommend to you to reach out and get help. My ways are simple and scientific in nature. I start working with you by hearing you out about the pain and the circumstances it gets aggravated. All the clues come to me from what you tell me. Thereafter, using simple neuro-linguistic methods and time proven systems, along with my experience, I help your mind and body heal using the neuro-linguistic healer within you.

No machines or medicines are used in these processes. You are suggested to continue your medicines and excersices durign yoru theraoy with us. The sessions are full of light talks about you and your life, thoughts, and views. No extra beliefs are forced uptime your subconscious. Most sessions would include conversations and sometimes light trance activities.

Get rid of your pains

All pain can go away. It is possible

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