Quit Smoking, Now!

Quit Smoking, Now!

Choose to be smoke-free, with NLP

Are you ready to Quit Smoking, finally?

It has not been easy for you to quit smoking, as yet! You may have tried it, and may have got some success, and yet, you returned to it. Is it an age-old habit, or you have developed it lately? I am sure it is having a severe impact on your personal health, your relationships and overall, your life.

If you really love your life, it is time to <i>Quit Smoking</i>, finally.
I believe that each individual has a different key to how his / her habits are formed, and how they have to be dealt with. No two individuals will have the same internal benefit for the habit they may have. And therefore I prefer to work with each client individually, over a period of at least six weeks, and help them give up smoking.

The ‘Quit Smoking’ program!

This is a six weeks program that you choose to take, in order to quit (or reduce) your smoking habits. The program included multiple individual sessions based on your preferences and availability and tasks that you will undertake in these weeks. This is where you and I form a committed dedicated team to reach the goal you set for yourself.

The Methodology

The program is based on my many years of research and experiences with clients who have quit smoking permanently. I use neuro-linguistic (NLP) and related methods in this program in order to help you automate your brain to quit smoking. You may have an occasional smoker or a chain smoker, you will commit to this process and start working with me, and we shall together walk this journey to your smoke free life.

Holistic Impact of this program

Smoking creates chemical/nicotine dependence in your body. This program aims to be independent from dependencies. You will be pleasantly surprised to know how many areas of your life improve during this program. You shall reduce your stress, be freer, and easier with yourself.

How to start?

Quitting Smoking is possible
I strongly believe smoking is hampering your life and it is time you let it go. I know for sure that your brain and be reprogrammed in a way that you shall quit smoking automatically ~ Ashish Sehgal

I would strongly recommend to you to reach out and get help. My ways are simple and scientific in nature. I start working with you by hearing you out about the pain and the circumstances it gets aggravated. All the clues come to me from what you tell me. Thereafter, using simple neuro-linguistic methods and time proven systems, along with my experience, I help your mind and body heal using the neuro-linguistic healer within you.

No machines or medicines are used in these processes. You are suggested to continue your medicines and exercises during your therapy with us. The sessions are full of light talks about you and your life, thoughts, and views. No extra beliefs are forced uptime your subconscious. Most sessions would include conversations and sometimes NLP / light trance activities.

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