Emotional triggers in online marketing

I have always noticed that impulse buying is a huge contributor to online sales. So many times, people buy things they do not actually need.  Why? And how do internet marketing companies leverage the emotional triggers to make sales?

After intensive research, the online marketing experts have come to some phrases and words that trigger an emotion that compels certain users to convert into paying customers.  This can be done by various methods, such as creating an artificial scarcity of a product or a scheme where the user sees a potential profit leading to an online sale. I shall give you some examples. Think of a situation where you are told that a certain product is already being sold-out, and you are being offered the same for a discount because you are a privileged member. Be it a hotel booking for a holiday you never planned, or a new mobile phone that you did not actually need.  The artificial need is generated and an atmosphere of extensive sales is generated to show how good value you may miss out, if you do not buy.  Think again…

Researchers have come up with a set of emotional trigger words that an effective campaign uses, in order to drive up sales, or memberships for a website.  We shall discuss some of these words for now, and the rest shall follow in my upcoming articles.

Unarguably, the most important emotional trigger word, ever since the mankind has been selling anything on this earth, is ‘free’. Yes, the ‘free’ word works like a charm.  Anything that has a free attachment to it lures buyers to check out these products and services.

The next most important word is ‘now’.  It creates an impulsive urgency in the brain of many users that forces them to flip out the credit card and make a purchase.  Similar is the effect of words like ‘save’ and ‘sale’.

Many people react to words like ‘easy’ and ‘quick’.  The typical examples being ‘quick checkout’ buttons you see on websites.  These words ensure that the buyer does not get a chance to re-think of his buying decision.

We discussed these six words in brief today. I shall come up with the next set of emotional trigger words and phrases in my upcoming writings.

Till then…. Happy Marketing….


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