I am angry. And I know it is good!

I am angry. And I know it is good!

Anger, generally, has got a bad name. Socially, at times, it is considered an evil.  But, when we look deeper in he psychology of anger, it is a very useful tool in our mental satchel.  Anger is actually very useful for us in many ways.

I meet people who are angry, almost everywhere. Thousands of us are angry at the condition of the nation today. Many are angry at the economy. Some are angry on a personal note. Anger is a reality, which we cannot escape. So it is important to look into it, before we try to shun it just because some nice people say so.

Let us see how anger helps us.

Anger is our defensive energy. Anger means that the individual (or group) is not going to take it anymore. Anger indicates that it is time to take an action against who offend you, who attack you, who pressurize you or take undue advantage of you. You cannot just sit there and take things. You get up, and take an action. That is what anger does for you. There are times when you just cannot think and rationalize and let your opponents take their own way. You allow yourself to get angry, and take action.  Anger helps us confront any threat we see to ourselves, as individuals or as a group.

Anger helps us set the limits. Anger arouses when someone tests your limits. It is an indicator that someone is violating your boundaries.  You feel angry when your sense of right and wrong is challenged. It tells you that you need to look into the issue there and then. Anger tells others what are their limits and indicates very clearly that they need to watch out before they step into them.

Anger tells offenders to back off.  Anger indicates, very clearly, your willingness to confront a threat.  It tells others are you are serious and you mean what you say.  It shows your will to stand against injustice and wrong.

We saw in the above three points, that how useful anger can be. But anger is often confused with rage. Rage is not anger. Rage is just an outburst of anger. Anger is an indicator, where rage is an action.   Learn to distinguish between anger and rage, and you will find how useful anger can be.

Anger is energy, and it must be channelized & released as required. Anger is an emotion, not an action. Anger tells us its time to take an action. Flying into rage is the most inappropriate way to release anger. It harms you, your image, and gets you a bad name.  Better management of anger, within oneself, helps you get solutions to issues that make you angry.

Anger can be released in a constructive manner, where rage is often destructive. Rage ruins your relationships with people, often beyond repair.  It is important to evaluate anger and take appropriate steps.

To sum up, let me remind you that anger is our defensive energy.  It helps us set the limits and tells offenders to back off. Anger is different than rage.

So friends, don’t be reluctant to be angry. Rather, learn to distinguish between rage and anger, and let us make this anger-energy work for your obstacle free success.

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