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Understanding the Purpose

                  The purpose: In a planet of billions, being me

In June 2005, Steve Jobs in his speech at the Stanford graduation ceremony, gave the success formula of his life. “You’ve got to find out what you love……The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you have not found it yet, keep looking, and don’t settle”.

The formula is significant not because Steve Jobs uttered it but because it finds its resonance in millions of hearts across the globe who long to live it .To make their lives an emulation of the advice given and find its significance in their own lives.

This dream has a beginning, which begins with first finding your purpose in life. Your true identity irrespective of race, caste, creed, sex, nationality – beyond any limitations and imperfections. We all get inspired when we hear of challenged individuals overcoming a barrier the world thought impossible. But, when it comes to our own lives, we get confused, we procrastinate. What stops us from finding out our purpose?

It is so important to know what emotions, goals lie deep within you.  Until you don’t discover that purpose, all comforts, all relations, everything seems meaningless. The aspirations don’t need to be proper, ideal and sacrificing .They just have to come from your heart and take you in a forward direction. To give you peace and fulfil you. The catch here is that dreams seldom come attached with a pay check and you bet you have to slog for your dream. A compromise may be required as far as financial stabilities are concerned, at least for a while.

At the moment, the goal, the purpose needs to be experimented upon because creativity is not a straight line. The dust of doubt has to settle down for the mental vision to be clearly seen of what you want to be or do. Question, repeatedly question yourself. Does your daily routine, work pattern, social relations value systems even vacations excite, match with the hidden aspirations? If not, then it is time you start analysing what is your true persona and don’t shelve the ruminations into a ‘one day’ trash can bin.

The wish or goal may be anything from wanting a big salary, and getting divorce in order to live life on your terms, travelling around cultures, studying the scriptures, getting an M.B.B.S degree at 54. Anything, the world is an oyster and you are your own pearl.

Still, it is true that man is a social animal and social living, community and local interactions are vital. A great sense  of purpose , self -worth  can develop if you contribute through resources, human labour, prayers ,time to your family, community , choice of religious affiliation or the nation.

Try this mental exercise- If you had to author your autobiography, think deeply and intuitively- What would be the title of the book? I think that question mark could help you find the answer for what is your purpose in life?

An interesting way to look into this is brought forward using NLP. Life coaching helps you find, be aware of and define what could be the purpose of your life. You can contact us is you too have the same quest.

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