Building Rapport in Social Media Marketing

Building your individual, professional or brand’s rapport online may sound easy with a variety of tools and social media platforms available, but managing the right kind of rapport with a consistent message, without getting too repetitive isn’t actually a cakewalk.  Building online rapport is not fully accomplished by advertising. In fact, advertising is more of a direct approach, which may put off a user, unless he really is looking for your products or services.

Rather, online rapport is established by creating a buzz which is in sync with the members of the community you wish to influence.  The idea is to get the message across, in a casual way, that you provide really useful, valuable and real services ( or products).  It is important to create user experiences online where they feel related to you online. The idea is to make users feel proud and happy to be connected to you and responding to you.

Social media is a powerful platform for spreading the message and getting response, faster than any other medium. Social media is definitely not a tool similar to usual means of promotions, like print, television, radio etc. Social media is much more dynamic is nature and highly interactive.  So planning social media campaigns based on experiences from other media may not get the desired results.  The most successful social media campaigns come from marketers who understand the dynamics of web, search and online interactivity.

In today’s world where online communities are much bigger than real communities, and are so well connected, building rapport may be slightly different that the usual approach.

One of the most important factors is to listen what others are saying online. Read the updates and views of the people you wish to influence, by building rapport. Comment on posts in similar tones. Create conversations that bring you in sync with your users.( For the NLP initiated people, this is similar to pacing and leading). Then, once you have the online rapport built, introduce your point, in a way that it connects to the useful intentions of the users in the social community.

People want to be feel better after conversations, so stay positive. Watch your tone and don’t post negative comments. Remember, the comments stay there, and affect your professional (and personal) image. Anything you write becomes a part of your online personality.

Last, but not the least, avoid posting others posts verbatim, or others photos. In case you really want to do that, share with credits intact.  This will build your credibility.

Your social media marketing campaigns need to be well planned and  the efficacy can be measured by seeing how many users get influenced and come closer to your brand, product of services.

Online influencing in social media is a tool, when used in expert hands, can create magic for your business.  You do wish to see how social media can help you.

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