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Solution Focused Conversations

What are Solution Focused Conversations?

Solution Focused ConversationsSolution focused conversations are a collaborative way to discuss any problem, difficulty or challenges in life. It focuses on bringing solutions from conversations in a forward-looking way. The direct goal is not to ‘understand’ the problem, by doing a problem talk, but to creatively talk in a solution focused method to help create more resources in the mindset of the client helping him to move ahead and discover a solution. The system is more solution focused instead of being problem focused. Solution focused thinking can be used in a wide variety of circumstances and situations to move faster to desired results.

How is this approach different?

The  traditional way to approach a problem is in by examining the problem and attempting to understand it. During a solution focused conversation, instead of examining the problem, the direction of the conversation is towards positive outcomes. In such a conversation, it may not be necessary to understand the course of the problem or to theorize / generalize about the history. As this is quite different from the traditional approach, some people may struggle with this initially, but slowly, moving each step ahead, a coach can definitely help the client move to a solution focused thinking mindset.  The solution talk is really effective and there is hardly any need to get in the details of the past. This also helps you to work content-free with your clients.

Equality & Collaboration

The conversation style of solution focused talks may surprise some people by being quite ‘non-formal’. It is based on equality and collaboration between the coach and the client, rather than the teacher-student or doctor-patient approach. Equality refers to the fact that the coach and the client are both equal experts, as the client in an expert about his life and the coach is an expert in helping him.

In a collaborative way, they both set a tone for a solution focused thinking helping the client move in resourceful mindset in order to reach a solution.

Initiating a Solution Focused Conversation

If you are tired of discussing or over-thinking your problems and now looking for a way to move ahead to a solutions focused mindset, the SFBT inspired coaching is for you. You can fill the form on the side of this page, or call . whatsapp ( +91 9810188629) in order initiate your solution focused mindset coaching sessions.

Our life coaching centre is based in Delhi/NCR and all sessions happen in a private & confidential manner. If case your prefer Phone sessions or Skype sessions, do let us know and we can schedule them too.
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