And what worst can happen?

When fears in your head make it weigh down, when you are scared of the known and the unknown, when taking each step is daunting and things seem impossible, it is time to get a little helping hand and walk your way out of this fear, forever!

The question is not if you can get rid of your fears or not. The question is, can something, or someone help you make them bearable enough, so that they do not paralyse you talking steps and and moving forward in life.

 And if this is your question, my answer is YES! A definite yes!

 Let me take you to a little walk today, and help you out of your most challenging fears!

 As we start, let me ask you once again. Think of the fear you want to get over with, and tell me, what worst can happen?

 I know you must be thinking – Oh Yeah ! Thats a trick question. Well, not really. You already know that when you think of the worst, its just in thoughts that is troubling you and is most probably far from any reality you have ever faced yourself. And even if you have faced it ever, you are past it, and have efficiently walked forward from that point.

 I am asking you to do so because when we know what exactly makes us scared, it is easier to deal with it. Most of the times, what you think makes you scared is a situation, but when you see accurately, there could be hardly one small tine detail or parameter of the situation that would actually be making you afraid.

 It is easier to kill the monster when you know what monster it is!

 So, give yourself a minute in your own head, and ask yourself about all the worst that can happen when your fears come true. You do not need to tell me anything. But I want you to answer it inside you.

 Think of the worst possible outcome of the situation. Imagine yourself into that situation, as you have done many a times. Get around that thought, explore it. Hover around a little.

Make it really really bad! Make it worse that you ever thought it might get. Feel the impossible. Keep hanging around this ‘worst situation’ for a while. This time spent here is helping us to get to the root of the problem.

Just look for what actually really makes you scared here. What exactly, are you afraid of, when you are in this worst case scenario. See closely, Hear the sounds of fear, Feel the fear rising!

 And keep doing it, till you are really really damn scared of it. Keep it boiling.

And once you are on a peak of fear, that you have ever felt, answer me three simple questions. These questions may look remotely relevant right now, but believe me, this questions have the key.

  • What is the color of the back of you hand? Notice it. Give it a name you think may be appropriate for it.
  • What would be your age when you would have been half your age as of now? Yes, Your half age?
  • Who is your favorite singer? And which song?
  • Do you think you can hum it a little! Loudly! Do It! Yes Do it!

Sing it Loud!


Lets revisit the fearful situation once again

Lets just take that little walk though the ‘worst situation’ once again. Feel that fear again.

Are you able to? Can you still feel that same intensity of fear.

What has changed? Think hard. What did yo do, that you are unable to produce same intensity of fear?  As I guessed, chances are, you are still afraid, but to a lesser degree. Your fears are much more manageable now. 

Your fears look much more avoidable now! And your can breath much easier, even when you think of that fear which used to scare the hell out of you.

Welcome to a fear-free life 🙂 

Get Rid Of Fears

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