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How to simplify your life?

Every day is a rush day for most of us. We try to complete the tasks listed in our never-ending to-do list. Be it, meetings, administrative work, grocery shopping, dropping kids to school, picking dry cleaning clothes, etc, every day we rush by in a flurry.

At the end of the day, when we look back to measure our achievements, we feel a sense of relief and accomplishment. At night we feel tired but satisfied knowing that we stayed busy but did all we could with our day. Then, on the next day again the same cycle goes.

There is nothing wrong in leading a fast-paced life and taking care of your closed ones. But what is more worrying is that this kind of lifestyle can easily exhaust you.

If you simplify your life, it will be more productive. Let us throw some light on how you can simplify your life resulting in productivity and happiness.

Avoid negative people

We all are surrounded by them. They are famous for draining our energy. These toxic people can make you feel low and squeezed all your energy. Therefore, it is important that you set a boundary with them and maintain peace and productivity in yourself.

Schedule an appointment with you

Have you prepared your to-do list? Does it include an appointment with yourself? Most of us schedule our daily chores but we always make a mistake of not saving sometime for ourselves. You can reward yourself by getting a saloon appointment, having a Subway sandwich or a cup of coffee in Starbucks with a book in hand. Make self-care a priority and you will see that you are able to do more tasks from your to-do list.

Keep technology at an arm’s distance

On one hand technology has made our lives easier but on the other hand it has also brought a lot of stress and distraction. To simplify your life, detox yourself from the technology. Be it social media or spending time over phone, try to take some rest from these things also.

De-clutter your surroundings

It is important to get rid of the stuff that you have never used. Look around your wardrobes, refrigerator, and workspace. You might find a lot of stuff that has not being used from years. When you are surrounded by so many unused things, they suck all your energy. Therefore, try to donate what you are not using. It will make you happy that whomever you have given it to is using it fully.

Take one activity at a time

Multitasking takes care of lot of things at a time, but it drains all energy resulting less productivity. It also increases your stress level and lowers the quality of your work. It is advisable that you focus on one work at a time.

There are other energy drains also, like

  • An argument between your friend or a family member
  • Thinking too much about negative thoughts
  • Issues in finances
  • Health issues

With so much around you seeking your attention, it is important that you simplify your life. Take small steps and you will be amazed to see significant changes to yourself and in your relationships.

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