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Flexibility – A virtue above all


Elements with maximum flexibility attract maximum resources

When it comes to one’s fitness, we invest time in stretching exercises which helps in increasing one’s flexibility, physically. Our minds too need the “flexibility workouts”, isn’t it?

Technically, cognitive flexibility refers to the ability to adjust one’s thinking from situations to situations and in the process being able to overcome old thinking that are habitual and adapt to new situations and ideas. So how does one respond to change?

With the ever-changing environment, at whatever age you may be, for one’s own self-development professionally and personally, becoming flexible helps in attracting more resources and achieving the desired outcomes. Here are a few ideas:

1)Socialize                     2) Seek New Experiences               3) Challenge your Beliefs

Meet new people from all walk of life. It will be interesting to note how people’s perspectives will differ from yours on similar topics, yet their perspective may be right too. These meetings enable you to become less rigid and more accepting. You may choose to travel, attend workshops, volunteer, connect or join groups on social media. The more we are exposed to situations that challenge our thought process the more the chances of flexibility being induced in our minds.

Seek new experiences by not taking the usual ways. Go out of your way to help someone in need. Travel all by yourself, if you are not used to it (try with small distances). Engage in learning a new language or dance classes or just simply exploring the roads less travelled. Knowledge sharing is also a great way to understand and apply concepts in a better way, thereby inducing flexibility.

Challenging our beliefs regularly, helps in understanding self and others, making our thinking more flexible and empathetic. We all grow up in a given environment with certain values, beliefs, morals, attitudes that shape our thinking, testing out some of these beliefs, morals would enable us to adapt to newer and more useful beliefs. For Example – In most cultures we grew up with a belief that “elders must be respected” over a period of time with varied experiences we realise everyone deserves respect irrespective or age. Even a 5-year-old child’s views need to be respected to instil the right values.

We are faced with many emotional challenges in life. To have a balanced relationship at work or home truly depends on our ability to adapt and being flexible in our thinking. Rather than dwelling in the past, we are able to focus on the present with newer ideas and resources.

Do you want to be Flexible and communicate better with self and others? 

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Contributed by Pragati Negi Noronha, an ardent NLP coach, HR Consultant, based in Gurgaon, India.

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