The Purpose: Finding Oneself


Mr Khaneja, a senior manager in a multinational company left his job   to be a trail guide in the Himalayas, Maya, a devoted wife and mother goes for annual only women leisure trips to gain a sense of freedom and discovery. Vimaladevi, once Shweta an aeronautical engineer now teaches Vedantic philosophy. Shekhar, a businessman, running his family school uniform store today runs a fancy, flourishing bridal attire salon. Matthew goes for snorkelling, scuba diving, river rafting to feel one with nature.

What is common among all these individuals in spite of their diverse backgrounds? The wish, the desire to find their real selves, their identity, to do things which refresh them without the monotony of life seeping in. They were the people who successfully identified their purpose in life. Very often when there is a realised purpose and direction, there is glow of happiness and contentment.  However this emotional contentment may or may not bring large financial benefits. But it gives the determination and inner resilience to cope with obstacles on life’s paths. 

What is the essential need of finding a purpose in life? It is as vital as breathing, the very essence of life. Without a purpose we drift sans any passion or drive.

For some, the discovery of their purpose is instinctive and natural.  For some, it may take time, experimenting, doing out of the box thinking and in the box thinking. But once discovered, it tells you what you want out of life and fills you with the zeal to live life on your own terms not a robot being pulled forward by fate or environmental factors. You discover a zeal which perhaps you yourself never knew existed in you.

All the scriptures of different faiths even as they speak of devotion and faith also give importance to ‘free spirit’– the will and determination of the human being to write his own destiny and deeds.

Finding your purpose means following your heart and taking appropriate action.  It is not just a deleterious whim but a desire for positive change and creativity. You don’t have to live life the way society advocates, the way your peers do or others expect you to behave.

Sometimes finding your purpose may force you to step out of cosy comfort zones or be a rebel where your value systems and bearings don’t gel. For this a constant truthful analysis is necessary. Does my current life pattern, do my skills match my targeted pursuit.

Yes , be a rebel, be idealistic, a semi conformist, whatever  is your value system, whatever makes you happy  as long as  you have found your  happiness in the form  of your life’s purpose.

Being a part of your environment, also gives a sense of purpose of contributing back to its welfare in the form of service to the community, institutions, nations etc.

Do this mental exercise. What would you like your tombstone to read? Visualise the lines and you may have the answer to the question –What is the purpose of my life?

Think further, and embrace NLP. You may choose to meet your life coach and discuss this further!

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