Breaking the hesitation.

Memoirs of the transformed

I know you are curious.
It’s time to feel the magic.

Having broken mine, I was simply observing other people breaking hesitations, one after another.

And then, there was this wonderful lady with a hesitation with her desire to create and draw. She herself looked like a portrait of a young woman, created by the great master, yet handcuffed by hesitation to draw.

Her mannerism was artful, but her hands refused to move after a few strokes of pencil on the paper. Twelve years of persistent hesitation can really cripple your capabilities.

It was almost like a sudden blackout jamming her creativity to come out on paper.

You know how it feels, Don’t you?

There was this unexplainable fear of expressing her inner feelings though her artful form of creativity.

Hesitation binds you because the world is watch you out there.

And then we witnessed the unexplainable.

Antano, the miracle guy, did something that quite looked like, you know, Dumbledore, right out of Harry Potter movies. He whispered strange something to the artist within the lady, and there she sat – closing her eyes in acceptance, and moved back to her place.

I was just being a silent, watchful spectator to the charm that surrounded the lady. Her hands were anxious to pick the pencil once again.

You could feel the transformation happening inside. The expressions of the face gave away the hesitation.

The handcuffs had opened so there was light all around her

Minutes later, a full-page, highly expressive set of art emerged on the page. Onlookers silently observed, and she went into this state of a hesitation-free mind, playing skillfully with pencil and getting out something that had not happened in years.

The change has happened. It is permanent.

You can feel it. The magic had been done, forever.

Here is the sketch that she made that she made after 12 years of gap.

Breaking the hesitation.

This is just a tiny story from what all that happens in the workshop where you learn not only to change yourself miraculously, but also learn the art itself.

Once you practice on real cases, transform lives forever during the workshop, under the supervision of experts, you shall be the miracle guy yourself.

You would also feel the transformation within yourself. You know that is bound to happen.

School of Excellence is here to help.If you wish to know how the transformation works, see for yourself

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