Effects of Stress!

               It’s time to get out of the any kind of stress

Life is a big thriller is one truth few may have the temerity to deny. At so many stages of life, individuals face conflicts that cause tension, fear, and withdrawal and features particular to him or her.

These conflicts may range from interpersonal differences, work pressures, financial instabilities, phobias and many more. The difficulty becomes an issue when the person starts feeling disabled, crestfallen,’ poor me’ and gets stuck in the ‘acceptance pit’ of the malady until it sucks the vitality, vibrancy and the raison d’être of life.

Today, it is accepted worldwide by doctors, psychiatrists, therapists that suppressed emotions, sadness, despair, anger are leading to increasing levels of Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and several other chronic disorders. At the mental plane, stress, insomnia and people just not comfortable in their skins, for whom the grass is always greener on the other side.

The cure of the problem lies in defeating the core of the problem with your attitude of mind positivity quotient. For some individuals, the process may be relatively faster if the angst or conflict is new and less complex. For some, the troubled mind set may be engrained from childhood or teenage. Therefore may need several neuro linguistic learning skill techniques coupled with counselling.

NLP and life coaching can help to uncover hidden facets, talents. In some cases an entirely different persona may emerge in persons who had hitherto just wistfully dreamt of being that person.

It’s not going to  take  a single miraculous  skill learning  class  but an integrated learning skills build up which the conscious mind accepts and applies in action – just  as a child in infancy learns new skills which become a part of his thinking. More positive, goal oriented, focused, certainly not the one who will sob in abject despair and ask ‘why me’?

It helps to step out of your  shadow , build confidence in yourself ,  explore new behavioural patterns .Through the mental tools of neuro linguistic learning, the same mind which  was filled with the hues of despair ,providence,  futility can start thinking on its own, tap its own mental   reserves rather than spending all valuable time and money running hither thither  on stones, magic eye’s , fad diets, mumbo jumbos and mentors.

In NLP and life coaching, a scientific step by step, balanced, individualised approach is taken where the person first identifies the conflict/goal unresolved. It then empowers you and you alone to take progressive steps in the set taken direction. Ultimately the techniques   benefit you in untangling the conflict which was plaguing you down.

The human mind is innately complex and yet innately simple.  It can create myriads of problems of a single or no issue and it can so childlike embrace new attitudes which it had earlier shuddered under. This kind of a new thinking can come under trained guidance who can help you understand your own mind. The guidance that can help you hold your life brush when you mistake that little dot to be the entire canvas.

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