Six Elements of Success

What makes people succeed?

 I asked hundreds of  people, in my surveys, what is success? And I got many answers.

Success Essentials WorkshopAs a part of my research on what makes people feel successful in their own lives, I happened to talk to many people over last one year.  I looked into history of successful lives, and filtered the qualities that made them so successful. And based on this research, I have formulated this amazing program called ‘Success Essentials’ that revolves around these six elements of success.

As my talk today, is about my researched topics, I decided to take what my real research says. So I take this opportunity to discuss these six elements in six minutes. I am sure you will have a lot to think, when you get back form here, and see how simple is it to be successful.

The first element that came up in my research is what I call – the art of social weave. The interpersonal skills that help you interact with individuals and society, in the way you want. We all know socializing, but are we skilled enough, to be able to achieve our goals through our social weave? If you want to be successful, learn how to make every conversation you make, every relationship you develop, to be useful for your success.

The second element of success is the image you carry, and the etiquette you display. Yes, I am talking about your perceived image. Ensure that the perception people take is exactly what you wish to project, in each situation. Calibrate each circumstance, and decide what you re going to be. Be the person you want to be.

These two elements were really primary, and now we graduate up to some more advance skills, you need to have.

The third skill, is the skillful art of negotiations. You need to be an artful negotiator. Look around in the world, and you see that every successful people has actually negotiated well, to reach that level. You will need to negotiate at every stage in life, to get the winning edge.

The fourth and very important skill, is the skill of conflict management. You not only need to manage conflicts with others, you will also often need to manage conflicts within yourself.  And the idea is to convert each conflict into an opportunity for success. If you look closely, each conflict gives you a window of opportunity, which leads a sure way to success.

Lets move to the final two skills now.

The fifth skill is persuasive pitch.  You will need to persuasive in what you need. You really need to be persistently persuasive about your needs, in order to be successful

The sixth skill is something which we all need almost everyday. The art of managing stress. Stress is an outcome of imbalance between efforts and results. There would be many situations, where you do not get desired outcomes immediately. The secret is to manage your stress in such a way that you keep yourself filled with zeal.

So if we are able to learn these six essential skills, and use them in our personal and professional lives, success will always be with us.

Lets count them once again – The social weave, the image & etiquette, negotiation skills, conflict management, persuasive abilities and the art of stress management.

Lets all learn them. Let’s all be always successful.

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