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Forget it!

Forget it! …

 Everyday, we get so many learning quotes and messages from everywhere. Be it our friends, families, cellphone and even though Facebook and twitter. Everyone today seems to tell us what we should learn.

 Someone said today – Be optimistic, The other message said – Learn to be polite to others. And yes, another message on my cellphone beeped – Have faith and move on.. and so on and on and on…

Most on these guys, I guess, are actually, telling themselves.

So am I going to write today about Learning? No!

It’s about Unlearning.

We all have the capability to learn things.

I somewhere believe that we must have the capability to unlearn a few things in order to live a freer life. But I wont give you empty preaching today.

I would try to tell you, how we can unlearn things.

 I once read about this pilot, who was very good at his job flying an airplane, but found it difficult to fly a simple glider. His wife, who was a novice and not a pilot, could learn flying a glider quickly. Why?

Well, whenever he flew the glider, he looked for those complicated controls on the place he was used to, and panicked when he found them missing….

That’s what happens to most of us. We have learned so many things in our lives that may be hindering us to step forward. Its time, we forget some of our old habits that come in the way of our way ahead.

What is Unlearning

Unlearning is exactly what it says. Intending to let go of what we have already learned or acquired.

 Learning is a natural built-in state of awareness. Our minds have been tuned to learn. Every time, we see or hear anything, our mind starts learning.

If this is learning, – What is unlearning then? – Letting go…

To walk away from, to leave behind, to shed some intellectual skin, to suspend or let go of old thought patterns and give up my rights and wrongs, is important for real higher learning to occur.

How do we unlearn? The process.

Clearly a FIVE POINT formula…

1. Recognize the Need –

Its time to ask ourselves some questions now – For a minute – try to be .. blank..


Give your mind a little break. Now.. ask yourself these three questions…

* Are you living in the present moment or you think of past or future a lot?

* Are your thoughts fear-based or love-based?

* Are you living for yourself or for others expectations of you?

Look at all areas of your life, and answer these questions, to yourself.

Your willingness to recognize what is not working in your life and your readiness for change will determine your success.

2. Live in the Now –

The present moment is not a means to get to the future. If you think of it that way, you will be and remain perpetually unfulfilled. If the past is over and the future doesn’t exist, you are a beautiful blank slate existing in this present moment free of past conditionings, false belief systems, and future fears.

 3. Let Go of Your Ego –

You know ego—that little voice inside of you that judges (you and others), fears the unknown, is attached to the material world, and desires to control every little detail.

The first step to unlearning and relearning is overcoming your ego mind so that you can remain open to change. Become aware of its presence by listening to your thoughts closely as you go through your day. Once you recognize it, you are more likely to let it go.

4. Start Questioning –

Question what you’ve been told by your parents, your teachers, your religious leaders, your romantic partners, the media, and your friends. Check in with your intuition and ask yourself, “Does this feel right to me?” If the answer is a blaring, “NO,” take some time to figure out what does resonate with you.

5. Break Old Patterns –

Breaking old patterns can be a difficult but rewarding experience because it requires that you strip down naked to the core of who you are free of outside influences. You almost become like an infant learning how to crawl, walk, and run all over again except it is your spirit that is learning how to take the small steps.

It is easy to unlearn! Try it Now!

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