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NLP – Take it seriously, please

What is happening to NLP today seems a little unfortunate.

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NLP, as it developed in the seventies, was based on observations and modeling of immensely skilled people, excellent in their respective field.  What Richard Bandler and John Grinder did was to carefully remove the fluff and bare the structure of excellence.
Amazing job indeed!

My recent observations about the way NLP is being practiced (and taught), are putting me on a back-foot.

It is dangerous to play with people’s beliefs. I personally feel that one of the most dangerous pre-supposition in NLP is that ‘there is no failure, only feedback’.

Unfortunately, this is not entirely true. What could be a mere feedback for a master therapist could turn a patient into a lifelong wreck.

NLP Therapy, an extremely powerful system, throws all responsibility with the person who is being treated, and his ecological mind, by simply stating that human mind has all the resources. The therapist usually hides behind another pre-supposition that if something does not work, something else would. The patient may ends up as a broken soul.

Minds are sensitive. Ecology is important. When you are handling something as powerful, and sensitive, as human brain, you cannot afford to be careless. There can be no excuses.

Human mind, though highly resourceful, does mess up big-time, once in a while. And any therapist or NLP trainer, no matter how successful, must to pay full attention to each of his subjects, and be very careful of what he is treading on.

I am not preaching here. I am suggesting you to be very careful what you are dealing with. Mind is a serious matter.
Avoid treating NLP Therapy like a college experiment.

Take is seriously. Be responsible. Please. 

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