Getting meaningful communication, in Facebook…

Getting the meaning of communication, in Facebook…

The meaning of any communication is the response you get!

fbfansWhen I first came across this superb statement, (during one of my NLP sessions with Antano – of SOE), I was stuck onto it. I pondered over it for quite a few days and felt the amazing correctness of it.  And this started my experimentation with this power concept in the field of social media.

The real meaning of an online conversation reveals itself, not during the first post, but when the conversation progresses in forms of comments and replies.

You all have made posts on some of your favorite social media platforms,  be it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or some other, and have got responses ( apart from the awww reply and alike). I am sure you would have wondered how a conversation gets steered and gets even more informative, engrossing and interestingly meaningful. And there are times, when the whole meaning or resultant of the conversation is just not in sync with the original post.

Wondering, how to keep your message straight, drilling deep into the mind of people engaged in your social media conversations.

  • Use interesting concepts and present them using specific language patterns that people are tuned to engage into.  You actually can get the resultant as per your choice, when your social posts are programmed to influence.
  • Fine-tune your posts to engage specific groups.  You can actually write posts so that only a specific set of people respond to it. It is better than blind posting just to get everyone agree or disagree to you. Study different user groups and notice the emotions they respond to.  Target your posts for niche influencing
  • Use effective V-K (visual – kinesthetic) switch by writing a quick post with a picture attached to it, that sparks a feeling. Make the participants see and feel the communication. And when, during the conversation, you find them all listening mode, slip in your message silently, and move ahead.

My experiments using NLP in Social Media Marketing has brought really good results. Facebook posts using NLP works like magic wand that can effectively engage audience.

Think, How would you influence people in your next social communication?


Ashish Sehgal passionately enjoys and practices social media marketing as his profession.
He is the founder of AceGenesis where online marketing gurus provide amazing solutions and services to clients worldwide.
He uses NLP for building social influence for the campaigns that he creates as a consultant. 

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