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Fail Gloriously – Succeed Gloriously

Are you afraid to fail?

Fear not, my dear, as failures have often proved to be the steps of sure shot success. Each failure send you a message that when you listen carefully, you know what else to do. Failure is feedback. And this is the primary reason why failure is so important for your success.

Ask any successful person, and you will know how he failed in many things to learn and quickly implement learnings to make his own unique success.

Failure – A Step to Astounding Success

Last week, I interviewed an amazing successful business tycoon and heard his story. His exact words were – “I have failed so many times the I cannot count. Each failure told me what I must improve in myself, where I much change my beliefs, how I can re-program my mind; and above all, how I can do what can get me measurable success. But I was never afraid of failure, as many people are. There is no risk bigger than the risk of not trying. “

This made me remember the famous speech made by J K Rowling, at the AMHAA, the Annual Meeting of the Harvard Alumni Association

“Eventually, we all must come to a decision, for ourselves, about what represents failure; however, the world is very keen to put failure on a schedule, and give you a set of decisive factors, if you allow it. A meagre seven-years following my graduation, failure had hit me on a grand scale. A fleeting marriage was dissolved, I had no job, a single parent, and as destitute as anyone could possibly be without living on the streets. My parent’s fears for me, and those I had for myself, had finally transpired, and according to the book of failure, I was the biggest.”

The above part of the speech is a wonderful example of failure being an important tool for success. Failure gives us a strange kind of freedom, as it says – the worst has already happened. Now all I can do is learn from it, and step ahead again.

Failure is a necessary component of Success.

It may sound like a paradox, but it is so true. Many people fail initially and then they get up and do what seemed impossible. Henry Ford, the world’s most celebrated auto-maker, went bankrupt four times. Thomas Edison made thousands of light bulbs that gave no light at all! And then, at the end – there was light.

And this is the light of freedom from the fear of failure.

My dear, if you think you failed, or you may fail, fear not. With each failure, you come closer to a finer success model. The model of success that is just your own, as it includes you own personal experiences of life.

A success that just belongs to you. Fail Gloriously – Succeed Gloriously

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