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Slowing down, and enjoying what you do best!

The life is really becoming busy. Every minute, one is busy engaged in a multitude of things. Messages, mails, calls, tasks, work… all at the same time. And, life seems to be just slipping by. Is there something one can do? Yes, indeed. Slow down.

Slowing down may not be easy to start with, but there are simple clean ways one can smoothly slip into it, and be able to enjoy each moment of life.

Slowing helps us appreciate the wonders around us, and savour each moment, living fully.  You really enjoy your mornings, your afternoons, your evenings, your work, your companionship and everything around you. You are able to pay attention to what is important to you. rather than what you just keep doing.

There are so many ways one can learn to slow down, and I am listing a few below. You may choose the ways that suit you most, and I am sure most of these easy ways will help you appreciate life each day, as you slow down.

Start with breathing slow

Whenever you feel stressed, focus son you breath, and slow it down. Take a few deeper breaths. Fill your lungs with air, pause for a comfortable moment, and exhale slowly. As you do so, focus on each breath. Feel how the air is moving in your lungs, and where it fills up, and how it slowly comes out as you exhale. Repeat this a couple of time, in a relaxed way.

You will find the stress being eased, and you regaining your focus.

I would really want you to do it now, and see how comfortable you really feel.

Move to single-tasking

One task at a time. The old golden rule to be successful in anything you do, is to do one thing at a time. Yes, it is the exact opposite of multi-tasking, that the modern times have taught us. This may take a little practice. When you get an urge to attend to other tasks, take a deep breath, pause, and get back to complete the task at hand.

Switch Off – Disconnect 

Find time to stay away from your mobile phone, you computer and the electronic socialising. Shut it off occasionally and gift that time to yourself. This will help you reduce the anxiety of information always coming in. By occasionally disconnecting, you realise that are no longer at the mercy of gadgets to live your life. You never were.

Slowly, increase the instances when you disconnect, on a daily basis. Find hours when you can switch off for hours. It will really help you slow down, and enjoy each moment, uninterruptedly.

Gift attention to people, not things

When you pay attention to people around you, people who are important in your life and people who help you do what you do; you notice so much more than when you focus on things that distract us. When you listen to those who matter to you, and spend more time with them, you develop bonds that nurture your life. This is such a lovely use of time, and you enjoy every minute of it.

Do less, eat slowly and drive slowly

There is no rush. Life is not a race. Life is in the pause. Do less things, rather than filling up your day with a lot of tasks. You can really do it. When you eat, savour each bite, love each sip. You would do a great favour to your body when you eat slow. Drive in a relaxed way. Use this time to think how life is going on. Stay safe, and enjoy a smooth drive.


Appreciate everything you notice around you. There is always something good around you. Even in the toughest times, there will always be something that you may appreciate. When you slow down, you automatically pay attention to the beauty and goodness around you. Take a minute to appreciate it. If you like it, find a few words to write about it.

Share it with someone whom you think will appreciate it to.

You know you can, and will, enjoy the slowing down.

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