Three Shortcuts to Success

Three Shortcuts to Success!

Someone just told me – There is no shortcut to success. I wondered, if that is a fact? Or just a plain generalized opinion of some people who have really waited long for success.

mindandmatterWell, what a limiting belief.  Who says there is no shortcut to success?  There are actually many shortcuts to success.  And to explore them we need to understand what success really is?

Success is doing what you like to do, well. Success is satisfaction.

Success is a state of mind. A state where you have the satisfaction of having achieved what one wants to achieve, at any given instance.

Success is an ongoing feeling. When you make each day of your life, each hour of your day, and each minute of your day doing things that give you satisfaction, you and on an everlasting success trip.  There is no destination called success. It is a journey that you do, in a particular state of mind.

I, all along my life, have discovered many shortcuts to success. Lets discuss three of them here.

  • Knowledge is one of the quickest shortcuts to success.  To walk on the path of learning brings to you immense satisfaction, and to apply that knowledge to your own life and to others around you definitely gives you that feeling of a successful life.
  • Hard work is what I consider one of the most chosen shortcut to success. When you work hard, you derive the kind of satisfaction that makes you feel successful at the end of the job.
  • Honesty is another shortcut to success. When you are honest in your dealings, you are happy. You do not have to worry about hiding stuff, and you feel free and light.  Honesty also gives you the feeling of satisfaction and gets you in a successful state of mind.

Success is an individual parameter.  It is not a comparative parameter, as many people believe. Most people believe that success has to be in comparison to others around them. This leads to a journey where they keep meeting people whom they consider more successful than themselves, further leading to an inadequacy to ever reach that state of mind, which is called success.

 If you want to be successful, be successful. Choose what you want to be successful in. Learn and gain knowledge. Be honest to yourself and your objective. Work towards your goal. Everyday, do something that makes you feel very satisfied.

Be in the successful state of mind, everyday.


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