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The secret of ‘Happily Ever After’!

The secret of ‘Happily Ever After’!

Including a preview to the 5 Star Formula of everlasting happiness & joy. 

Happily Ever After – Seriously? 

Most fairy tales would end with the cliche ‘and they lived happily ever after’. And none of the narraters of these tales ever told us what happened after. You are left alone to wander in wilderness in order to find that happiness, unless of course you decide to work on your own happiness.

The phrase ‘happily ever after’ proves that before that mystical ‘ever after’, you are unhappy. I have known umpteen people who have publicly mocked at this phrase, yet secretly believed in it so much that they make their current life hell in comparison to that story they assumed in the ‘happily ever after’ future.

Wake up dear! There is no ‘happily ever after’ as the fairy tales mention.  It is a different one. Quite different than what you had imagined, or let us say – assumed. It is about internal happiness that one builds for oneself, irrespective of the presence of other people in life, or their absence.

Get up and come out of that illusive dream world of yours that hardly has any evidence. So how many ‘happily ever after’ couples do you know? One, two, three?

Look around. Examine that the people who are really happy are the ones who have engraved happiness within. Those who become a source of happiness for themselves and often for others whose lives they touch.

It is just the same life. Reality each day! You can choose to make each moment happy within, or you can choose to wait for that ‘happily ever after’ myth, until it becomes a reality – when you discover that only you are your own source of happiness.

Happiness is within! Deep within!

It is time to change that phrase from ‘they lives happily ever after’ to ‘I am happy now and always’

The concept of someone (or something, somewhere) else being the reason of our happiness & joy has been deep engraved in human psyche.

When you examine the phrase itself – ‘they lived happily ever after’, it has two major parts to it. The first is ‘they’, often referring to a couple. The only way for each one of us to be truly happy is to find and build joy within.

And this is not supposed to be done with a sense of disappointment towards the other. The second part of the phrase is ‘ever after’ which means ‘not now’. This simply indicates that there is no (or less) happiness now.

It is high time. Change now!

And how does one do that?

The ***** Five Star formula of everlasting joy & happiness

I often talk about my five star formula of joy and happiness to my clients for internal happiness that has worked with almost everyone I know stays in a joyous zone.

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