NLP in India

The NLP India Environment

Over the last couple of years, professionals from various domains and walks of life have taken the concept seriously and got trained in multiples of levels of training in NLP. Practitioners, Master-Practitioners, specialized NLP based trainers, NLP based therapists and alike. This unique fabric of the NLP India culture is what is most interesting and innovative.

NLP Training DelhiAs most of us are now aware, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the concept of programming the neurology and the human unconscious mind using simple and complex linguistic patterns and tools. NLP is a rather new technique coined and practiced by two ingenious individuals namely Richard Bandler and John Grinder after years of research in the concept. The NLP India environment has been growing at a rapid pace, although there are extremely few genuinely qualified and passionate trainers in the field.

In fact, mastering of communication skills, using NLP techniques has made major inroads all over NLP India, impacting sales and marketing, influencing techniques and the training – teaching arenas. Various trainers, faculties from schools and colleges, sales professionals, marketing management personnel and CEOs alike, have immensely gained using NLP. Of course, the NLP India training environment has extremely few skills and qualified personnel, delivering world class training and support. NLP is not about just a 6-8 day course; the subsequent year-long support by the trainer, to make use of the learning a reality in application in real life is what NLP India is all about.

In the recent past we have seen very interesting testimonials from doctors, therapists, trainers, teaching faculty, dentists, psychology and psychiatry professionals, lawyers, IT professionals, senior management professionals from various fields of industry, sales and marketing professionals, housewives and mothers showing more than keen interest in the NLP India movement. Many areas like alcoholic de-addiction, some cases of psoriasis and other psycho-somatic disorders have shown immense advancements of relief, using NLP. Of course, various phobias, fears and limiting beliefs have been overcome, for many a client, by many a practitioner across the length and breadth of India, making the NLP India environment, a fairly large game changer in the field of NLP in India.

Some of the leading and pioneering trainers like the School of Excellence from Chennai have made major inroads into NLP training, making NLP India a niche and ethical market. Making NLP a part of real life and automatically getting the results as programmed, in the said facets of life is what Antano Solar John believes in.

NLP India and NLP training in India in various walks of life is coming of age, in modern India.

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