Invoke your inner strength

Tough Times | Simple Measures

You have got it in you!  Oodles of it actually.

It has helped you in some of the worse days you have seen, and it will always be with you. Your inner strength is an integral part of your inner system, that lets this come to aid you in your testing times.

Life has its own share of ups and down, and just like any other journey, there are moments that may try to knock you down. These are moments that bring out your insecurities flat on your face, and you seem to have no option other than to face them. This is where your inner strength comes as your guardian angel, and helps you gets you through anything.

What is really going to help you now, is to discover, how to get your inner strength come out to your help. Read On…

Lets see some simple, yet very effective ways to get going. 


Think of the tough times you have been through, in your life. 

Let your mind answer you you get through those tough times. What was your core thought at that time that helped you move ahead, inch by inch, and get over with those troubled times. What was it that you used to tell yourself during those times?

As you ask this to yourself, again and again, many times a day, it will become obvious that what set of thoughts have helped you in the past. The same , or similar set of thoughts are going to get over with the obstacles that you are currently facing.

Identify and acknowledge that you have been through those difficult times. 

And as you recognise that you have faced obstacles and won over them, think of what you are going through right now. Is the surest obstacle somehow similar to any of the past tough situation you have been through. You have got so many learnings from from your own past experiences of such times. Now, is the time to use those learnings that helped you come over those past tough times.

Talk positive. Talk encouraging. 

Teach yourself to talk to yourself in most self motivating ways. This is one of the sure shot ways to boost your inner strength. Talk to yourself about that encourages you. Tell yourself actually what you really wanna hear positive. Talk about what helps you gather your inner strength and boost your morale. If there is something specific you hope and want to happen, talk to yourself about it.

Give your mind a lot of self-messages that uplift you, motivate you and encourage you. Tell yourself about what can speed up the growth of your inner strength.

Most importantly, talk to yourself with utmost respect.  Give a lot of respect to your inner strength, so that it is there when you need it the most. It is your own inner strength that you will fall on, and will bounce back. when the obstacles strike harder.

Give yourself TIME

When you are in a situation where you feel confused, give yourself time to think. Let your own mind tale time and think how to handle these tough situations. Check and closely examine all the thoughts that your mind tells you, with respect to all the situations, real or imaginary, that your mind brings up.  Tell yourself how will you do the things your mind is asking you to examine.

Your mind has all the possible resources to find out what is most useful for you to solve these problems. Your mind has always helped you to choose the best possible way to handle and come out a surviver in such challenging situations.

The all powerful ‘As if’ frame of mind.

You have already known how you make up a lot of ‘if worse happens’  situations in your mind and create confusions in your mind. Your mind has this superb power to make your feel just that way you want to. And the ‘As-If’ frame of mind is one of the most potent tools to do so.

Build a situation in your mind how would it so, once you have achieved what you want to, and your are over with the obstacles you are facing. Think how wonderful would be that time when all is well and you have what your want, the way you want. Build this situation so much that your mind keeps living this success thought all the time. Believe in this thought without any doubt, and you will see how your mind moulds all your steps in the direction of your choice.

It is always possible for your inner strength to get you through!

It is always possible to find which area of your inner strength will help you in each of the situations that build themselves around you. Your inner resources have always helped you and will continue to do so, always.

Believe me, and practice the above points regularly, and see miracles unfold everyday. 

Let’s do it, now

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