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Not spending quality time together?

Love is one of the most important emotions in life. It is an experience full of joy when you are in a mutually fulfilling relationship as you enjoy fully the fruits of togetherness, passion, intimacy and mutual trust.

Unfortunately, many people have not experienced it as yet. The evidence of this is the rate at which relationships are failing and marriages bearing down. Most people today experience a sequence of failing relationships, one after another. Some of you have already accepted this as a norm, where as you know internally what you silently strive for.

One of the main cited reasons for a break-up is ‘not spending enough quality time together’. What does this really mean?

This refers to the phases of time a couple spends together, just together. When either one or both the partners simply start taking the other one for granted, or other activities of life start taking priority over this love, the relationship starts stepping into a mild danger zone.

Love is not just an important factor to start a relationship, but also to nurture it throughout. Love is not a ‘demand and supply’ issue. It is not an association of two people. It is a heart to heart, soul to soul union that feeds on quality time together.

Love is not a one-way road to the ultimate ecstasy. You can fall out of love as easily as you stepped in it. Most of the times, you may not even realise when you have fallen out of love. But once you do, the memories of the good times bring pain till they fade away.

Relationship crisis never comes without warnings. It shows signs clearly, if you have your senses tuned in. The bond starts melting down and there comes a point when you choose to disconnect yourself, either partially or completely, depending on your inner commitments to the relationship.

And then, there is often mending-time. A time, a phase that presents itself when both of the partners can mend the relationship in a way that brings back joy, intimacy, and passion in their lives. Often this phase may require relationship coaching. This time is also a thinking time for both the partners to see where they want to take their relationship.

In most cases, couples or individuals who choose to go through relationship coaching, often come out stronger, well bonded and have a deeper understanding of love. They start a path together, reaffirmed to make it worthwhile, full of ecstatic joy.

If you sense that your key relationship is stepping on a path that may require help, make sure you get in touch with  an expert. Ashish Sehgal and his team of expert coaches can help you get a perspective that is useful for you in the direction of your choice.  Click here to discuss & request an appointment

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