Purpose – An Interesting Take!

The Purpose of a Purpose!

Research has shown drastic improvements in the psychological well-being of those who have identified a meaningful purpose in their lives.

Getting up every day, without a purpose?

Life can’t just be getting a job, going on vacations, retiring, and dying, can it? What on earth are we here for? What is our purpose here?  

Some may believe that life is about performing good deeds. Some believe that life should be enjoyed and lived to the fullest. Some others believe that life is a suffering, and the purpose is to detach from our egos and unite with the universe. Few others say that life is about service to mankind. 

Why have a purpose in life?

 Purpose sets the context for our lives else everything around seems   haphazard, a combination of actions and non-actions snaking through space and time. A purpose serves as a master plan for our lives. Knowing our purpose leads to goals being defined. It helps us by not getting lost in the ritual of daily life and by keeping our eyes on the target/goal. Purpose needs to be chosen by the individual. When defining our purpose in life, one must not worry about how will you go about achieving it. Once we identify and commit to our intentions, the opportunities and methods for achieving the purpose will begin to take shape.  Defining our sole purpose helps us focus. It is critical to aim and focus wholeheartedly on achieving your purpose.

When your purpose fills you with passion, it can be so stimulating and rewarding not just emotionally but spiritually as well.  What is your purpose?

If you don’t know, let’s define it.

1. First, examine what you value most (faith, family, excellence, peace, connection to others, Compassion or something else)
2. What legacy do you want to leave? You want to be known for something. What do you want it to be?
3. Write down your own special purpose. The simple act of writing things down, like goals and purpose can be so liberating.  It need not be perfect, simply write it down. One can hone it as you go along.

No matter how well we live, the quality of our lives is measured by the contributions we have made by helping others, or enriching other’s lives which in turn enriches our lives as well. A feeling of well being gets promoted. Continuous improvements with complete focus and commitment in our actions will help meet our purpose.  A right sense of seeking direction and interaction with relevant others is necessary to make progress.

Life without a purpose starts feeling meaningless and boring. Discover and set your mind on achieving your sole purpose.

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