Hotel Sales Case Study using NLP

Year 2012.
 First quarter 2012.

Industry: Hospitality.

Company: A 3 star hotel chain with hotels spread all over India.

Business in this period was down due to many reasons. National economy wasn’t doing very well. The rupee was falling every day, and the recession was standing bare faced.

Sales were dipping and the Mr. Ramachandran (name changed), VP – Sales & Marketing was under a lot of pressure.  Nothing was moving. He increased the newspaper and magazine advertising by almost double. Still… the ROI was getting worse by the week.

The seven-year-old hotel chain with almost a dozen hotels spread all over the country was fighting for survival, when I received a call from them for a consultancy for digital marketing.  I studied the records of past few years and realized that most of the business they were getting in the past was business visitors coming to the towns where the hotels were situated.  The loss of business was mainly due to steep decline in travel by their usual corporate clients and individual businessmen. The situation further worsened due to HR issues and dissatisfied clientele.  The ratings and rank in the popular travel review portals were doing down every week.

There were multiple issues, so I needed a plan that would sort of most issues with minimum effort.  The set of solutions came out after several meetings with company executives and members of the teams.

The solution consisted of the three-pronged strategy.

  • Inclusion of NLP based marketing training sessions, on a regular basis for senior managers; and regular NLP training sessions for sales staff on every alternate Saturday.
  • Inclusion of NLP in online marketing and print media advertising.
  • Addition of a NLP based Social Media Promotion plan.

Within a few weeks, things started to look up. The biggest success came from the NLP trained sales staff that handled telephonic enquires and web based enquiries. These enquires were again generated via NLP based advertisements in print and digital media.  Furthermore, the NLP based Facebook updates on a daily basis boosted the positive feel about the hotel brand and helped the sales.

Today, when I write this, the second quarter of 2012 is about to be over in a few days.  I have worked with this client for three months now. The result has amazed everyone, and everyone is busy finding reasons to upward swing.

I just remembered a statement that Antano had said – Everything will happen and look like a coincidences.

Mr. Ramachandran is a feeling relaxed and is expecting this year to be the highest grosser for the hotel chain.

What did I get?  Well.. Apart from the annual contact with yet another hotel chain for NLP based digital marketing, I gained more enhanced confidence in what NLP can be used for.

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