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Create a Wonderful Life

What is a wonderful life about? 

Life is not about what you own, how much money you have, how many houses or property you have acquired or even how famous you have become.It is simply about how wonderfully you spend each little moment of your life.

It is about how happy, how satisfied and elated you are, and how you spread this joy all around you.

Choose to make each moment of your life to a wonderful moment, each day to have so many great amazing hours, each year to have many many exciting stories to remember, and you shall see how satisfying life have you created for yourself.

Easier said than done! Right? 

Often on a foggy morning when you start to drive out, you need to clear your windscreen. Today, we need to clear the windscreen of our mind and our vision, and before we do so, we need to understand what this mental fog is, that hides the secrets of a wonderful life

Imagine yourself in a glass room with four glass walls. These glass walls, with time, get clouded with a lot of mental fog. Each wall has a fog of a different colour, different texture and is made of different thoughts.

I define these four fogged walls as :

  • the ‘Life is a Race‘ syndrome
  • the ‘If Tomorrow Comes‘ fear
  • the ‘Its all for the Family‘ pressure
  • the ‘More Zeros per year’  desire

Let us see what we can do about these mentally fogged walls. We need to clear our vision really quick now.

Life is a Race

I have heard this one more than any other limiting phrase ever. So many people today keep running only because everyone else is running. It is so important to understand that each one of us has different goals and objectives in life. Our needs and wishes could be radically different from the group we are running with. More people who believe that life is a race often end up at goals they never wanted to reach.

What to do Instead

Convert the ‘race of life’ to ‘my personal walk to success’ 

Precisely, write down your goals and objectives. Build a future timeline starting today.  Think of what you want to achieve in a lifetime, and plan back for major milestones.  Keep reading, and refreshing your objectives and your timeline plan everyday. Rehearse your timeline as if its your stage of performance for life. Work towards each step, each milestone your have defined in your timeline.  Its your own, very personal walk to success.

If tomorrow comes

The fear of tomorrow (or the fear of the unknown future) is one of the biggest known fear that limits your wonderful life. The fear almost paralyses us and lets us stick to a path which is safe, even if we do not like it. I am sure you would have experienced many such instances where the fear of tomorrow does not let you live wonderfully today.  My dear friends, tomorrow may be important, but today is the biggest thing we have in our hands.

What to do Instead

If you decide to live each day, each moment in fulfilling way, think of what a wonderful string of amazing moments your life would be.  Start recognising the value of what you do now, and how it is making you feel wonderful. If planning and working for tomorrow makes you feel wonderful, do it. But if the fear of tomorrow if killing your today, stop it. It is a great practice to work for tomorrow and future, if it makes you feed satisfied today. Tomorrow will be today when it comes. it will bring newer happiness and newer challenges that you will pass through when it comes. Do not pull the imaginary blanket of tomorrows fear over today’s happiness

Its all for the Family

Is it? Be truthful to yourself.

Acceptance is a big issue.  The world has tried to slot you into a position that its your responsibility to do stuff for your family and near & dear ones. And in order to feel accepted in the set structure, you keep doing things that you may not want to do any longer.  I understand that everyone has a fair share of responsibilities and fulfilling responsibilities gives you a great deal of satisfaction. In fact, doing things for your own people, and even for other is a highly satisfying experience. And then, there is a limit to it.

Often, people who have a great track record of  fulfilling responsibilities, find everyone around them to turn highly demanding. And then the vicious circle starts. Family and Peer pressure can sometimes be one of the most  hurdled limiting factor. Its the people you love and providing for them is what you have been doing all along.  You do not want to hurt anyone, and feel accepted always.

What to do instead

You must recognise that whatever you do, including doing it of everyone, is primarily to feel satisfied that you have done your taken up your responsibilities well.  Understand the key concept of the feeling of satisfaction. No matter how much you analyse, you will always like do things which bring a sense of fulfilment to you.

Do things that make you feel satisfied and value that feeling of satisfaction of your achievements, no matter who small or large they may be. Do things that bring a feeling of fulfilment to your life.  And in the due course, its ok to say no to what you do not want to do.

If you wish to change your ways, or your profession, its ok. Use your knowledge and learnings to mould your career in a way that makes you feel happier.

After all, Its all about you.

More Zeros per year

I have met so many people who talk about adding more zeros to their income and measure it as the most important scale of growth.  A man earning Rs 10000 a month wants to make it Rs 100000 and so on. The concepts like ‘how I made my first million’  are overwhelming in nature.  Money, undoubtedly is an important scale of success. But has it starting ruling your mind?

What to do instead?

There is much more to your life than building money, property and assets. Recognize that a wonderful life is not just about money growth. It is more about how you relate to yourself, and the environment around you.

The lust to add more zeros to your bank balance may actually be effecting other important aspects of your life.

Create a wonderful, balanced life for yourself, and others around you. 

A handful of diamonds and a bank full of dollars sure makes you a lot happier, but does not necessarily reflect eternal happiness. This fades away.  Invest in building meaningful relationships instead. They go a much longer way.  Invest in your own personal growth. It is your own inner feeling of satisfaction that will always keep you happy. Focus on your inner self.

Listen to your inner voices. 

At-least once a day, shut down the crowd noise outside yourself, and focus on what your inner self is saying. It is asking you something. Answer it. Build a harmonious inner self.

A life full of harmony, love, satisfaction and elation is what you desire and deserve.  It is important to realize that the means to get a wonderful life are not the goal of a wonderful life.  Enjoy the journey each moment.

Live a wonderful life, everyday.

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