Confusion to Clarity in a Chaotic World

Confusion to Clarity in a Chaotic World

It may seem like a confusing world to live in. A world full of varying opinions, contradicting beliefs and ever-changing value systems. Life sometimes begins to look hazy and unclear. Different questions keep appearing on the horizon of life. Questions about ‘What is going on ‘inside or around me?’, or ‘Who am I?’, or ‘What am I doing?’ or even ‘What is my purpose?’. On the other hand, questions life ‘What do I do today?’ or ‘What next?’ keep coming to you, sometimes without any clear answers.

How do you find clarity?

How do you find clarity in this chaotic world around, when distractions are plenty, demands and responsibilities keep gathering up and your list of pending tasks keeps piling up?

The bigger question to answer here is – How do you find and align your larger purpose with your day-to-day practical life?

Confusion disappears as the clarity of direction appears.

Whenever there is confusion, often we look for a direction out of that  confusion. We look for the closest way out of it. This may actually lead to further confusion, because it lacks a direction. A direction to a purpose. In order to find the right direction for you, you may actually have to discover your unique purpose, as the purpose will define the path, and set the direction of your choice. So this becomes more of a ‘towards the purpose’ choice and not a ‘away from the  confusion’ shortcut.

A ‘towards’ choice is definitely more powerful that an ‘away’ choice’. When you are moving towards a purpose that is unique to you, you experience a unique sense of peace and pace at the same time.

You are unique and so is your purpose.

Remember that if you are facing any kind of confusion, life is just giving you a hint to find and move towards a larger purpose. And at any given point of time, each one of us may actually have a unique purpose, and a unique direction will lead towards it. I have met thousands of people who have no, or a very little sense of purpose; or have inherited a purpose without testing it with their inner sense of who they are. This only leads to further inner disharmony and confusion.

When people say that they do not have a purpose, or have completed their tasks of life, all they mean is that they haven’t found the new unique purpose yet. This makes them stumble on different things around, far or near, like a man with a black cloth tied on his eyes, trying to find a direction on an already chaotic highway. Do you sometimes feel like that ? If you do, I suggest start thinking about a purpose and a direction.

Remember, you will always have a unique purpose, which may seem similar to others, but it will have unique set of features that are completely aligned to you and only you. Your purpose may look small or big, far or close, hazy or clear, but once you get clues, you can always develop it with your own unique ways. You are not a clone of your environment or inheritance. You are unique and so is your purpose. You may or may not have discovered it yet, but as it (the purpose) appears on the horizon of your life, other things either get aligned to your direction, or fade into oblivion.

A purposeful life is a fulfilling life.

Fulfilment is the result of living a purposeful life. If you feel the lack of fulfilment in your life, and you seek it in other people or your environment, I would encourage you think towards living a purposeful life. True and lasting fulfillment comes from the satisfaction of living purposefully and meaningfully.

How does one discover and move towards a unique purpose?

Discovery of your purpose, and moving steadily towards it, is the prime method to live meaningfully. How does one do that? There are many well-known ways, and here we will discuss a simple broad three-point system, that has proved quite useful. Know that this may take time, effort and some good amount of introspection; and you may go on a journey of lows and highs, but it is a fruitful process in each of its steps. Let us discuss these broad steps here.

Step 1: Discover Yourself. Know Yourself. Define Yourself.

Know & Experience yourself.

Knowing oneself is the first step in defining yourself. This starts with knowing the difference between who we are, and who we think we are. You are not your past, or your memories, or your fantasies, or habits, or beliefs, or your behaviors. These maybe considered as  few parameters you may have gathered on the way, but none of these are you. And this is where you choose to, not only know yourself, but define yourself. There is no point defining yourself as what you were at some point of a fictitious timeline, but there is a strong point in defining yourself as what you want to see yourself as.

You are extraordinary.

You are unique and powerful and possess all it will take to reach your purpose. So, in the process of knowing yourself and then defining yourself, you build a new identity, a new version of yourself that is so powerful that it will magically propel itself towards the larger purpose. This new version of you, and your purpose are like two unique pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that fit together flawlessly.

This new version of you defines your unique purpose. The purpose is to be what you truly want to be. It may or may not be defined in the worldly terms. Yet, you will exactly know how you want to be. The values, beliefs and behaviours that you will hold as the new you, define you. And this is flexible, dynamic and changeable as your want it.

Step 2: Define and strengthen the new version of yourself.

Strengthen yourself.

Strengthen your mind, your body and your emotions. Invest time and effort on yourself. Learn new skills that take you closer to your purpose. You deserve your own investment on yourself. Practice relentlessly. Get closer to people who think and act alike. Be in the company of highly motivating and action oriented people. Move away from toxic and critical environments, and towards an environment that helps you grow and nurture your new defined self. When you invest in your self growth, your own value grows by leaps and bounds. When you strengthen yourself, you become more and more powerful each day. Everything gets aligned. Your pace towards your defined new self helps you enjoy and grow at the same time.

Step 3: Action. Action. Action.

Start doing things that define this new you.

Take actions that help you become more of the new version that you have dynamically defined for yourself. Ensure that each step you take, each act you do, each word you speak is towards and aligned to your new purpose that is self driven . Learn each day. Practice each day. Act each day. Do it till the cycle of learning, practicing and acting becomes automatic in you. This leads to truly ‘being’ the new you.

Courageously, be the new you!

Nurture courage within yourself. Take help and support of people who offer help to you to become this new you. Invest in your skill and confidence. Make yourself flexible. Help other people whom you can. You become the person who lives his purpose each moment. Start living your purpose and this is when you truly experience a purposeful, meaningful life.

How does Life Coaching and NLP Training help you building a purposeful, meaningful and fulfilling life?

Simply said, NLP is all about getting the life you want. It is a proven system and I have helped thousands of individuals who have chosen to build their lives, using NLP.

You too can choose to develop yourself by attending a practical NLP training and/or choosing for individual life coaching sessions. This will help you explore your own strengths and develop them further, along with learning the most important skill for your life, the skill of programming your thoughts and actions as per your desires, goals and purposes.

To summarize, the secret of a purposeful life is in these three steps – discovering self, defining the new self and taking continuous action. Build a life you want to live with courage and flexibility. Live purposefully.

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