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 Finding Modalities in the first talk

This is a part of my  NLP sales training articles and is written for people who still do not understand NLP, but want to experience the magic of NLP in Sales.

Good communication is an integral part of all sales.  And it includes both listening and speaking

Sales Training using NLPListen, ask, listen, ask, listen and find the linguistic modality.

The first part of any good conversation is about listening your client. Any great conversationalist will tell you the value to listening. Learn to plant the right questions, in the right order, to listen and understand the language pattern being used by your client.

I will exactly tell you how and what kind of questions to ask, and what to look for in answers, in order to interpret the ‘linguistic modality’ of your client.

During your initial talks, give your client three different questions ( or sets of conversations).Be careful about listening about all responses, and noticing the expressions on his face, and the words he uses to react to different questions.

The first statement or question(s) should be something that lets them talk about a visual experience. Something like – The red/blue/green color of the (product) looks nice. The concept can make it big.  Or the price for such a great product or service is really small.

The second statement or question(s) should talk about an audible experience.  How melodious the music is? Or… The traffic noise is so loud. We all have heard about good quality our product has.

The third statement or question(s)  should be about a feel, a kinesthetic experience.  The weather feels so good? Or .. simply said .. I feel wonderful being here in this meeting with you.

In the above set of questions, we are not trying to get any answers. We are only looking for clues about the linguistic modality of your client.  We need to understand and pinpoint if his modality is visual, auditory or kinesthetic.

You would discover that most people would demonstrate all the modalities, but one of them would be their core modality, which is strong, highlighted and definite in their responses as well as expressions.

This modality that you have now found out, would become the key for your further conversation with your prospective client

Further articles in this series will guide you how to take the conversation further with NLP to help you at every step.


Few Notes
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