Overcoming Frustrations

Overcoming Frustrations 

Why does frustration occur?

Overcoming FrustrationsFrustration usually occurs when there is a gap between ‘where one is’ and ‘where one wants to be’. It also may occur when one do not know clearly where one wants to be. Lack of desired outcomes cause frustrations. When one is unable to a goals or fulfil some dreams, one feels frustrated. Sometimes, it is about how suffocated one may feel in a particular situation, and is unable to deal with it, with his current resources

Another important reason of rising frustration is unfulfilled set of expectations from self or others. Many a times, where are external factors that usually cause frustration due to our lack of control on them.

What does frustration do to you?

Overcoming Frustrations Frustration can be quite overwhelming at times. It engulfs and sucks the energy out of you. It distracts and steals your precious time. It takes away the focus and shakes the determination. It can often also lead to long term reduction of joy from life.

It makes you go in circles of same thoughts, and it becomes difficult to break the cycle. It makes your mind foggy and clarity starts escaping. Unhappiness starts to loom and anger starts taking over senses.

What can one do in this phase of frustration?

Wherever there is a problem, there is always a solution. Here are some methods that have often proved to be amazingly helpful to reduce and overcome frustration. You may actually be using some of these methods knowingly or unknowingly. In most cases, you can simply use these methods to get over frustrations. Sometimes, when you feel that you need help, you can contact us for professional help, overcoming frustrations.

So, here are the self-help ways to get over frustrations

Overcoming Frustrations Be in the now, completely present

When you feel frustrated, you are often swinging between past, present and future, instead of being in a present. The gap between your current state and desired state of mind takes you further down the frustration lane. You may be thinking about some failure in the past or some unfulfilled desires.

The key is to snap out of these thoughts and come to the present moment. Pay attention to what is happening right now, and when you are able to do this, your mind automatically starts working on solutions.

So, how do we do it? Here are some simple steps to be in the present moment.

Focus on your breath. Sit in a relaxed positions with eyes closed and pay attention to your breath. Notice how air is going in and out of your nose. slow down. take a few deep breaths, deep to your stomach.

Focus on what is around at this moment. Look around and notice how nature is helping you relax further. Overcoming Frustrations Look at the sky form your window or door. See what is there. If it is the day, the sun may be shining or it may be a lil cloudy. If it is the night, look at the night sky. observe the vastness.

Look around, there could be greenery, or maybe children playing somewhere. Feel the touch of clothes you are wearing to you body.  Do it for just 2 to 3 minutes and bring back your attention to the present moment. Stay here.

Appreciate what you have

Once you have brought yourself to the present moment, look at what is still positive in the life. It is an excellent idea to value and appreciate what we have.

There is so much that we take for granted so many times. Now is the time to be thankful of so much in life. Some of these things you may pay attention to can be:

  • A roof over your head.
  • Having food in your stomach
  • Plenty of drinkable water
  • Access to internet
  • Some people to be around
  • much more that can come to your mind

Appreciate this for a few minutes, as there are millions in this world who go without any of these. Be grateful. Pay gratitude to what you have.

Pay attention to what you could do right now

Overcoming Frustrations Now that you are in the present moment and are grateful for what you have, you are in a relatively positive state of mind. It is now that you can be creative about what you can do practically to move to a peaceful zone.

Ask yourself, what is the small step I can take now, to improve this situation? Many a times, you will learn a lot from what frustrates you. You may choose to try moving to the next step, closer to a goal, in some new way. Or you may choose to start thinking of changing your goals, if required.

You may feel that you have taken too much lately and it is time to take a little break from what had been bothering you.

Getting up and doing things

Get up, with this recharged feeling and take a little walk. Take the small steps you have decided, or plan about them. Stay in the creative, constructive zone.

Ashish Sehgal, Life CoachGetting help!

Sometimes, when it gets too overwhelming, you may consider our professional life coaching / therapy services to get some help overcoming frustrations. Hiring a life coach has proved to be useful for thousands of people to get over frustration get walking to the direction of choice.

We are based in Gurgaon and can help you. You may click here and schedule an appointment, or just call us to discuss.

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