All pain can go away. It is possible.

Ask yourself, do you nurture pain in your heart?

There may be times when you feel immensely sad and tears just sit on the brink of your eyes, almost ready to roll down. And then they do. It feels as it your pain will also flow out with these tears, but it seldom does. Slowly pain becomes an open secret of your otherwise normal life. You start living with pain, instead of dealing with it. You start nurturing pain. And because of the inherent dynamic nature of pain, it grows.

The more you want to be free from this pain, the more it feels engulfing you. It starts feeling like an endless cycle. It may have elements of sadness, guilt, agony, or even desire. All emotional pain arises from the gap between your current state of mind and your desired state of mind. And between this gap, very close to the blisters of pain, hides the opportunity of rising above this pain forever. You want to get rid of this pain. You do.

You look for solutions, around you. Most of these solutions, that you find in advice of near and dear, may actually be quite temporary. Have you already realised it? Most of the temporary solutions are about momentary diversion. As the diversion fades away, the pain reappears.

It is time to take help from an expert.

An expert life coach will help you unpack your mind, and heal your heart at the same time. It will take some good amount of time when you speak your truth and open upto a life that is free from pain. An expert life coach will not advice you. Instead, he will look into your internal resources and match them to the problems you are facing. He will be committed to confidentiality, and will never speak about your matters to anyone.

Emotional pain management is a sensitive subject. Therefore it is important that you let an experienced and ethically grounded life coach help you. Look for people whom others have voiced for. Avoid shortcuts and newbies in these matters. After all, you really want to be permanently free from the pain you currently suffer from.

Slowly, he will help you release all that is holding you back, and will walk steps with you to let go of what hurts most. With each new day, you will start feeling lighter, as your pain just dissolves away.

Reach out to your life coach & tell him your story.

Let him help you unpack the clutter and cleance the space where you breathe free..
Feel better. Move On…. 

All pain will go away. It is possible.


Ashish Sehgal, your personal life coach can help you get free from your emotional pain, if you really are determined to get over it.  You can click here to see his contact details, and send him a message.

If you wish to know about solutions related to physical pain management, click here.

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