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The Five Star formula of everlasting joy & happiness

The ***** Five Star formula of everlasting joy & happiness

I often talk about my five-star formula of joy and happiness to my clients for internal happiness that has worked with almost everyone I know stays in a joyous zone. This is the magic potion that could feel bitter at times during initial stages but it does work magically. Like everything in life, this also requires you to work on yourself and unless you are completely committed to your own happiness, you have likeliness to slip out. So gather up your senses and be ready for the magic 5 Star Formula of everlasting happiness & joy. Once you have mastered these five skills and made them a part of your life each moment, you know you will experience everlasting joy!

It all starts with the knowing the basic rule of life: Happiness is within – Love oneself – unconditionally.  The path to discover this kind of self-love and happiness within has five important aspects to it .


The first aspect of everlasting joy is acceptance. Acceptance of self and acceptance of everything else is where your joinery starts. It begins with accepting the self, completely. We accept our own journey, with all our characteristics. And once we have accepted our own self, the start the journey of accepting all around us, connected on unconnected to us, as they are.

Taking responsibility:

Know that you yourself, and no one else, is truly responsible for your state in life. Bring yourself to a point in life when you reduce your expectations from others as well as self. Your joy in inside you and only you can find it. If you stay dependent for your own happiness on the state and presence of others, you are merely being a puppet. Build your own self. Take responsibility and explore joy within.


Practicing gratitude has countless benefits. If you regularly and automatically practice gratitude, you are thankful for each experience of your life. You take time to be aware of everything positive around you and be thankful for it. You are able to feel positive, be more alive, sleep better, and express more compassion and emotions. Your emotional immunity also grows multifold as your practice gratitude thinking in your life.


Forgiveness starts with forgiving self, and then others. It is an important key to peace & happiness inside. When you truly forgive, it is so easy to let go of grudges holding you back in life. Forgiving self is an absolute way to get out of feelings of guilt. Forgiving others for what you feel they have done bad, lets you move ahead to a peaceful place in life. In practice, when you are more forgiving and less vindictive in life, your relationships are far stronger and fulfilling.

Do – Take Action:

Along the above four pillars of everlasting peace and joy, we realise that no state can be achieved without doing anything. Practicing the above four principles in your life would be simply meaningless unless you start doing things in your life. Without doing anything, it is an empty, meaningless life. Keeping ourselves occupied with tasks that we like doing elevates our state. Without actions, everything else is hard task. Work makes it easy. Do something. And if you already engaged in a set of activities that make your day, each day, you would find practicing all the other four principles quite easy.

This five-star formula has helped thousands of people who are successfully practicing it each day in the lives. When this gets installed in your system, it automates itself and then becomes a part of your daily routine.

You can do it yourself, or take professional help in embedding the secret of ever lasting joy by contacting us. Take Action Now!

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