Engaging Facebook Fans

Engaging Facebook Fans

Is your Facebook page engaging enough? What makes a FB page engaging for its fans?  Once. People LIKE your FB page, do they come again and again to check for more information and content?

Well, here is where the process of Engaging Facebook Fans that becomes important.

When someone likes your FB page, it is just the first handshake. To create engagement, you must encourage the fan to visit you.  Let us understand, step by step, what all is required to keep fans coming back to your pages.

Engaging FB Content

Facebook is an open social medium and engaging content is one very important factor. If you do not have regular ( but not flooding) interesting content, users will have no reason to return. Remember, as we always say, content is the king.

Create content that is relevant to the times, and in interesting to your user groups.  But do not sway away from what your page represents.  For example, if your Facebook page is about your hotel business,  talk about relaxation, vacation, food, location. If possible, and if you have permissions, post the photos of activities and people around your business.  Just create regular content that makes the read interesting, and remember, generally keep it short, unless you really need to be descriptive in a post.

Be Interactive

Posting great engaging content is just the start.  But you really need to talk on your page, to people.  One of the easiest ways is to ask questions.  Questions have the unique capability to turn one way communication to a dialogue.  Generate meaningful conversations of your Facebook Page and see it become popular, over and over again.

These conversations and questions could be about current hot topics or general interest topics. You can talk of anything that your user-base is interested in.

Quiz Them

Creating polls and quizzes are quick ways to make people interact. They almost always work once you have a sufficient number of fans visiting your FB page regularly.  Make sure that the polls and quizzes are short and can be quickly answered and completed. You do not wish them to get bored. Quizzes and polls have often proved to be very useful is engaging Facebook fans.

Be Bolder: Host a Contest

Facebook contests are great ways to engage large groups of people.  Get a prize announced and let people flock around. Facebook contests, if held carefully, can gather large amount of people, increase the fan base, and build a huge stream of visitors to your page.  Make the wining a social event online. You may even say that the winner(s) will be posted online, so that you can get their friends join and visiting your page to check on it. It’s a mass method for engaging Facebook fans.

I shall write more about engaging Facebook fans in the second part of this article.  Please wait, and till then, happy promoting J

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