L O V E … love… you know what it means … right?

OR shall I ask… You know how it feels like.. to be in love…

Love… the most beautiful emotion that sweeps you off your feet, anywhere, anytime. I am sure, almost all of my toastmaster friends would have felt it, at some point of time. Some even more than once I Guess…

Isn’t it so?

What I was thinking on what to speak, in my talk today, one of my friends in this group itself suggested, talk  what is close to your heart. And I thought, the closest thing to my heart… is the heart itself.  No not the tick tock pump in pump out kind of heart, but the one that goes dhak dhak dhak dhak when I think of an emotion so close to heart. Love…

Love is the basis of life. It is one of the greatest gifts that we can experience.

No, Today I am not talking about the parental love, or sibling love, or even the love for our fellow beings. I am talking about the very personal, very own, the romantic love.

For all those who truly believe in it, it makes the world go around.

It is not in your hands to be in love. All you can do is to surrender to it and feel the bliss, or close your eyes and walk away. The choice is simple. Well, you can either be happy, or pretend to be happy.  And yet, it becomes one of the most difficult choices of lives.

When those eyes meet in affirmation, the heart pounds faster, and the whole world seems happy. Each hour with your lover seems just a minute, and each minute away seems like hours. I can see most of you nodding.

You know it. You have felt it.

Your energy multiples and your days become better. Everyone around you notices that charm in you.  How? Well.. Its all the magic of love.

At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet.

Imagine, those lush green valleys with spreads of violet daffodils, you, and the one your love, walking, closely holding each other, whispering those sweet nothings, exchanging meaningful glances and smiles….

Aha.. I can see all the lovely ladies out here, blushing at the very feel of romance, and all these Rowdy Rathores out here getting wide eyes with their imagination put to test.  Come back my dear friends… Come back from the imagery… and let me continue to hold you hand and take you through some other not to beautiful aspects of love.

Yes, you are right. I am hinting at the pain it brings along. You would ask me – Why?

Why, if it is such a beautiful feeling, why does it lead to sadness so many times? Why your eyes feel that wetness of tears with the mere mention of love?

Why –  that sharp pain cuts through you when you think of love.

The answer, my dear friends,  is not so simple. Yes, Its not.

As far as I understand, love is a beautiful little emotion that I can compare to a little butterfly. It flies around you, and everything gets beautiful. But then, some of us try to hold it. Catch the butterfly, and the sufferings start. We burden a simple emotion like love with something more deadly – expectations. We use heavy concepts like true love, responsible love. Without even letting it free flow, we try to fit in our love into the already made plans of our lives. Because we plan, and then to make plans feel worthwhile, we try to frame that butterfly called love into a glass photo frame and hang it on the wall of our drawing room, forever?

The butterfly dies… and so does love.

And then, we either carry this burden of dead love on our shoulders all our lives, or just bury that love and walk to find more… just to have another catch?

What the … hell… .

How many of us, in relationships, or otherwise, think of love as love, and not as a basis of something else? We here, in the practical world, are looking for relationships that fit in our lifestyles, not our lives. That is where we go wrong.

Just because a certain guy or a certain girl looks good, is the kinds that would suit my choice, my family choice, my conditions…  I would be in love. What a stupid way to think of love.

My dear friends, love just happens. And if you take my advice, let it happen.

Do not be scared of the pain, its worth it.

Often, the heart sees that is invisible to the eyes.

We do not stop living with the fear of death. Then why do we stop loving with the fear of pain?

Love is the basis of our inner happiness.

Forget your conditioning. Be free. Go Ahead… fall in love.

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