Information is not knowledge

Information is not knowledge.

When Albert Einstein would have said it, he may not have realized how true it would hold to be, in the age of information technology. Today, Information can be processed at millions of instructions per second, and the so called knowledge-bases get cramped with bytes of information, knowledge still elude the majority of human race.

We are learning everyday, and yet, we are away from the knowledge that would keep us happy, satisfied and hunger-free. I am not saying that learning is bad thing. I would rather say that learning should be seen as a process to gain knowledge that helps us achieve the ultimate objective.

Most of the times, we focus on intermediate objectives. These intermediate objectives are merely steps to the ultimate objective, which eludes us throughout the journey.

Is there an ultimate objective?

Most people, wandering from one goal to another, from one pillar to another, believe that they are true achievers. They fail to see that their goals actually take them far away from what their original objective was.

Our goals and paths become contradictory.

Often, we see that each small achievement actually takes us away from our earlier aims. The art of avoid this contradiction is to focus on our original, basic aims. It si important to know ur ultimate objective, and go with the flow.

What is the ultimate objective?

This … we shall discuss further in upcoming articles….. and we shall also discuss how information can be turned into knowledge.

Next would be, how to take from knowledge and reach wisdom…

keep watching …

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