How to Start Meditating

Meditation is one of the simplest, yet very profound approach to continuously train your mind, very similar to how fitness regime is a way to train the body. The mind has its own ways to work and meditation helps the mind be fit, agile, active and relaxed at the same time.

How to Meditate

Meditation is known to build resilience for the mind.  We all have heard and known ways to meditate, and yet, many of us find it difficult to continue it as a daily practice. Some people are fortunate enough to have built the process of meditation in their daily routines, and yet there are  many who have yet to do so. In order to make it simpler, let us discuss some simple ways to start meditating.

Initially, it may seem a little difficult to sit for long hours of meditation, but when we start with simpler smaller ways, we gain the ability to be in the meditative state longer.


Breath Focus: A Simple Meditation Technique for the beginners

It is one of the easiest methods to start learning and practising meditation. Follow these steps are notice how you mind relaxes while meditation

  • Sit in a comfortable position. You may also choose to lie down if you feel more comfortable also. You may also choose a meditation chair if you have one.
  • Breathe naturally. Close your eyes
  • Breathe as you normally do. Do not try to control your breath in any way.
  • Bring your attention to your breath, and how your body moves with each time you inhale, and as you exhale.  Notice how your chest moves, your shoulders, your neck, your rib cage, your stomach, your hips move with each breath.
  • Simply keep the focus on these movements in your own body.
  • If your focus goes to other thoughts, bring it back to your breath again and start paying attention to the movements in your body.
  • To start with, maintain this practice for a few minutes each time you sit for meditation.

I usually recommend meditating at least once or twice each day. Slowly, you will notice that you can increase the duration of each session when you meditate daily.

Let us get meditating :)

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