Startup Business – Getting your initial clients…

Starting a business, and looking for customers?  There are numerous ways one can do it, and some are relatively less expensive.

One of the easiest ways to understand who are the customers for your products or services is to check and identify other related businesses in your field. They usually serve the same target clientele. They maybe largely your competitors and studying the competition is one of the most effective ways to understand the target market.

The competition survey gives you an extra edge as you get a ready-made customer base to serve. You simply need to apply the right market entry strategies and get a good slice of the existing market.

The social space is a great place to look for socially active competition. Spend an evening identifying a couple of competitors and move though the posts. See who are the people that use their services or buy their products often.  Plan a social media campaign for the customers. Use vouchers, attractions, discount plans, to get the entry batch of customers.

Markets have shows that there is always a slice of customers that branch out.  You may not be able to build a strong customer base, but it will most probably give you enough clientele to start up and grow.

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