Rapport is one of the basic requirements of effective communications.  It is one of the most fundamental tool that helps almost all walks of life where we need to communicate and get desired results.

As Wiki puts it – Rapport is a term used to describe the relationship of two or more people who are in sync or on the same wavelength because they feel similar and/or relate well to each other.

Rapport is a natural system, but there are ways to build rapport. Rapport can be build using many techniques. The most common method seen everywhere is to match body language,  by pacing the posture, the gestures and movements. Also, verbal pacing also helps in building the rapport. Verbal pacing uses tone, pitch and other voice parameters to build rapport.  Along with these methods, making and maintaining eyes contact, matching breath rhythm and packing accordingly also helps build rapport.

People in rapport are in sync with each other’s thoughts. There is a feeling of understanding, agreement and compatibility. We need to understand here that rapport is not something that is done. It is more of a relationship that connects people during that phase.  Also, rapport is not the same as trust, but feels similar at times. Trust takes actions, results and time to build, where as rapport is an instant connection.  Rapport is the relationship that two or more people share any given instance, where a meaningful synchronization of thoughts can take place in an easy way.

When you build rapport, you need to be open to influence yourself too. Many a times, when you build rapport, it can influence you and you may pick up useful 9 or useless) states. (In case of states that are not useful, use sanctuary, which I shall discuss later in our articles. )

Rapport is a fundamental part of all human communication. It helps a better, meaningful, well directed and purposeful session for people in discussion.

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